PsychoSith Saber’s “Asgardr” – Art inspired by one of my designs!

Hello Everybody to a rare midweek post! And it is for very good reason I am sharing this with you all as I have been honoured with a magnificent accolade. My friend and fellow saber designer PsychoSith has produced some artwork inspired by my Thor crossguard lightsaber “Asguard”. You will recall I 3D modeled PsychoSith’s fantastic drawing called “The Durasteel Dove” and Psycho decided to return the honour and drew a set of sketches of my “New Asguard Saber” hilt. So here is the set of images Psycho sent to me….

I was absolutely speechless when I saw the finished product. Psycho had sent me a sneak peek when he asked if I minded him attempting to recreate one of my hilts but it was just an initial pencil sketch….I had no idea he would go to town and produce a full Bayeux Tapestry style artwork! His attention to detail is phenomenal, from the gold accents around the emitters and pommel, to the Celtic Knot activation switch and then the most difficult part…the scroll work etching! I found it difficult to replicate etching and I used a computer design package but Psycho drew the pattern on the handgrip by HAND! The Guardian warrior on the right of the image even has the hilt in his hands and the saber is complete with the Electric Lightning blue blades. As if all of this wasn’t enough take a look at those robes….and as a final finishing touch Psycho even mimicked the typeface font lettering I use for my labels and watermark!

I would have been honoured just by this token of appreciation but it goes much deeper than that as the “Asguard” hilt design (click HEREto see the original post) is the very same one I modeled but my laptop crashed and wiped the files so I lost it. I had one single image of the hilt that I later discovered had backed up to another file hosting site I use. That image is here:

Original Asgard 1 MK
Original Asguard Saber

So in a way Psycho has gifted me with my most treasured design that I partially lost. I intend to get this art transferred onto a canvas frame when I can afford it so I can hang it in my flat.

So for a final time (here at least) I wish to say an enormous thank you to Psycho, my friend, you are a true gentleman…and truly a talented artist!

Thank you also to all of you, my viewers, for checking this awesome artwork out and for all the support you have shown me and PsychoSith, whether you are a first time visitor or one of my regulars you’re all very much appreciated. I hope you will return this weekend for my usual weekly post, I think I might post my Kenobi tribute design. And it has a few surprising variants! Till next time….

“Asgardr” is an artwork produced by PsychoSith/PsychoSith Sabers and is a ©Copyrighted work of PsychoSith 2019. “Asgardr” is used here with permission. All content including original designs, images and material are covered by ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019.

6 thoughts on “PsychoSith Saber’s “Asgardr” – Art inspired by one of my designs!”

  1. What’s this… posting midweek?! Are you deliberately trying to disturb the force on a quiet and harmless Wednesday evening when most Sith and Jedi are tucked up in bed with a hot milk and Netflix? 🙂
    FT, congrats on seeing your work reimagined by another artist! Those PsychoSith drawings are badass! I’m really pleased for you my friend.

    1. Hello TVTA and thank you. PyschoSith really is a talent and I had to share it with everyone here. I believe he is setting up an instagram account soon so when I have details I’ll post them here so you can keep up with his sketching!
      And all the Sith and Jedi go on Twitch now! I even joined up so I can watch videos and learn how to play Star Wars MMO games like “Star Wars The Old Republic” and “Knights of the Old Republic”.

  2. Wow! The Psycho honour is fab. Love the sketches and the fact that that you have the brains and utilize your time to create more than 1 or 2 back ups. It is very important. You have just made an example for that.

    1. Hello Resa, well I have to say I managed to upload one image to a back up site but the actual 3D model file was wiped before I could render any more pictures. I actually rebuilt the design from memory as best I could and it looked like this:

      I thought Psycho was going to sketch this slightly simpler version but was blown away when I saw he’d recreated the original! So yes always back up your data.

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