Sharkaradon Saber -Inspired by Riff Tamson

Hello Everybody, today we have another watery weapon, but this time it doesn’t belong to Aquaman or even Admiral Ackbar….it belong’s to an adversary of the great admiral and a character named Riff Tamson! Riff Tamson was an aquatic being from the planet Karkaris and his species were known as Karkaradons. The Karkaradons were involved in the Battle of Mon Cala that took place on Ackbar’s home world of Mon Cala. On Mon Cala there were two species (the Mon Calamari and the Quarren) that lived in peace but the war brought tensions and the friendship between both species was strained. The Confederacy of Independent Systems led by the infamous Count Dooku sensed an opportunity to benefit and gain control of the watery planet of Mon Cala by triggering a civil war…then sending their own forces in to take over the two weakened native species. And to accomplish this Dooku sent Riff Tamson to lead an aquatic army to seize the planet.

Karkarodon Riff Tamson
Riff Tamson – Copyright Disney/LucasFilm

Tamson as you can see was a humanoid shark and when I built my Altenweg Shoto and Darkshoto hilts I realised the emitters reminded me of something….and it BIT me. The emitter openings looked like a shark’s mouth so I decided to create a colour scheme based on Riff Tamson to decorate this saber. I just have “Glamour Shots” for this hilt but I have more than usual and I have an animation so I will show you the first batch of pictures….

As you can see this is quite a colourful hilt and has a scaly texture to it. And I know botanical experts will point out that sharks (and Riff for that matter) don’t have scales like a fish. But I do know sharks have a special textured skin that has very small scale like plaques. Speedo the swimming costume manufacturer made a swimsuit for Olympic athletes that had a special “scaled” texture inspired by sharkskin, to make the swimmer more streamlined. Giving the saber this scaly pattern allowed me to add the light and dark blue colours along with the white you can see on Riff’s outfit. The pommel has a flared “tail-like” shroud and at the opposite end of the hilt is the “Shark’s Mouth” emitter that triggered my imagination. Here is the next batch of pictures including the shark mouth….

The emitter with the upper and lower curve just reminded me so much of a shark it was a no-brainer to make this version. The texture is a modified version of the material I used to create a rock like texture for my LOTR Barad-Dûr saber but I added three colours to the surface. The saber blade, activation switch and Opee Sea Creature crystal all have an aquatic sea blue cyan glow. I now think it is time to see how good this saber is and take it for a swim…here it is with the other fishies…

I think it looks good and works quite well underwater!


I apologise I had to put that disclaimer and warning in but I did see a video on YouTube recently where a person put his saber into a swimming pool to see what would happen. He was lucky in that the saber just stopped working but it could have turned out worse if the battery inside it ruptured or the circuits shorted and gave him a shock. Anyhoo, that just about wraps things up for this post but before I go I have a BIG announcement of a really special PsychoSith Sabers design which I will post this Wednesday – you won’t want to miss it!

As always I will end by saying a big thank you to all of you for looking in on this post, whether this is your first visit or you are a regular viewer (such as the kind folks in India who call in) you are very much appreciated and please come back to see what else I have in store for future posts. Till next time….

“Sharkaradon Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. It was inspired by “Riff Tamson” who appeared in “Star Wars- The Clone Wars” and is a Trademark/©Copyrighted property of Disney/LucasFilm Ltd.

10 thoughts on “Sharkaradon Saber -Inspired by Riff Tamson”

  1. I love that scaly texture! (even if it’s not biologically accurate haha) The blue/white mosaic colors are really great, very aquatic.

    1. Thanks Mei-Mei. I found an old photo I used as the backdrop. It was that emitter mouth really inspired the design but the scales came out quite well.

  2. Nice work FT, glad your animating your sabers more often. they deserve a spin. you could rotate them centrally like a toilet roll too. poor wording, but I cannot remember the correct term.

    1. Hi Neil, thanks. I am basically doing the short 4 sec rotations and stitching them together in the Video Sequencing Editor to make longer versions (it is much quicker!) And I think the word is Longitudinally (i.e. viewed from the side and rotated like a spit toast bar) Actually doing the rotation that way might stop people getting dizzy.

    1. Hello Resa, thank you very much. As soon as I made the emitter I kept thinking it reminded me of something and I had part of a name going round in my head. The part of a name was “Mako” but I was trying to link it to a Star Wars reference not a shark! When I remembered the character Riff Tamson it clicked!

  3. Hi FT. Cool design and colours. The shot of the saber with the ‘opening jaws’ is pretty scary! I didn’t know this character from the SW universe but I know of Ackbar of course (ahar! It’s a trap!) and the Quarrens – also known as Squid Heads. The Kenner action figure for Squid Head that I had was such a great sculpt with all those tentacles, plus it came with good accessories.

    1. Hi TVTA, glad you liked the fishy design (I guess I caught Wooof’s attention with it too, or does he prefer tuna?) Yes Riff Tamson as I mentioned appeared in the story arc about the Battle of Mon Cala. This story also features a young Admiral Ackbar during the civil war tensions between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, Then Count Dooku saw an opportunity to get involved and sent his Confederacy army to interfere.
      Some of the Kenner figures were really good but they really could have made the lightsabers a little better (but I can’t really complain as they did extend from the arm!)
      Thanks again for swimming round and checking this out!

      1. Wooof approves of your post as he’s a big fan of Admiral Ackbar.
        Kenner was quite inventive with the original toy figure sabers, even though they were just plastic ‘shapes’ essentially. Later on in the Hasbro days they put a lot more detail into them.
        And you’re welcome, I enjoyed the dip in the SW ocean of your post 🙂

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