Vengeance Saber (AOTC) – My first Master Series hilt.

Hello Everybody, today is a big day because I have decided to showcase the first of my “Master Series” models! And the first one up is the hilt belonging to Anakin Skywalker in the movie Attack of the Clones! (Ep.2). I built this model way back when I made my “The Destined One” hilt for Vader but it was just a solid model. I also made a small mistake in the shape of the emitter as I based it on one of Vader’s hilts but Anakin’s is much more sleek so I remodelled it. Here are two pictures of my first attempt you may have seen in my “Upcoming Sabers” posters I posted a few months back…

I wasn’t happy with the accent LED lights on the side of the saber either, so a rebuild really was necessary. I decided to tidy up the interior of the model and reshape the emitter and replace the LEDs. And as this is a special saber I thought “let’s give it some WOW factor while I’m at it!” You have seen sabers I have modelled that have “crystal chambers” but this one has what is known as a “crystal reveal”. But before I show you what a “crystal reveal” is I will post a couple of studio pics and the remodelled non-reveal pictures…

The hilt has a D-Ring to hang the saber from a belt hook, and just below are two control knobs used to alter power and blade settings. These may look familiar as earth objects as the prop makers used electrical components called “terminal post screw and caps” which consisted of a threaded post which you wrapped bare copper wire around then you screwed a thumbscrew to fix the wire in place. They make great detail parts. The emitter has also been reshaped, and the LEDs improved. And did you see the crystal? No?….Oh I forgot….I need to do the big reveal!

I said this hilt was a bit special, not only does it have a crystal…it has TWO crystals and the saber unscrews to slide open to reveal them all lit up! I made the crystal chamber parts as interchangeable modules which fit inside the model (this was why I had to “tidy up” the interior so they would actually fit inside). The two crystals have special functions in Star Wars lore, the one in the handgrip helps power the saber while the one in the emitter helps “focus” that power into a blade.  I also went to town and added quite a bit of tiny detail into these modules as you can see in the following pictures…

This weapon as I mentioned, is the hilt Anakin owned in Ep.2 and has a sad legacy as it was the weapon he used to slay the Tusken Raiders in retaliation for the death of his mother, Shmi, at their hands. The quote above in the title image comes from the film where he describes his frustrations and actions to Padme on Tatooine. This moment in the film was the tipping point where Anakin became more like his alter ego Darth Vader. He took out “Vengeance” on the Tusken Raiders and hence my saber model’s name.

This just about wraps up my first “Master Series” offering and I hope you liked it. I am always trying to push my modelling skills and this hilt really tested me. And I couldn’t just build one so I have FOUR more “Master” hilts to show you in the run up to The Rise Of Skywalker. I hope you will return to see those (and many more) designs in future posts. Plus next week I will be joined by a very talented artist with the nickname “PsychoSith”. Thank you so much for checking this saber and post out, your support is always amazing and is much appreciated. Till next time….

“Vengeance Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design based on Anakin Skywalker’s hilt from the movie “Star Wars Ep.2 Attack of the Clones” and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. “Star Wars”, “Attack of the Clones”, “Anakin Skywalker” and all other Star Wars names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm. 

8 thoughts on “Vengeance Saber (AOTC) – My first Master Series hilt.”

  1. I have to say FT, your sabre construction is truly amazing! I am not sure if I ever asked you this before but do you actually make physical representations of your model sabres? How many lightsabers do you actually own? I’d love to know 🙂 And as always, your lightsaber designs give me life 😀

    1. Hello Xen, thank you very much for the kind comment. I don’t make these at the moment but am looking at getting a 3D printer so I can make a few models (even if I only print them at 50% scale). I have about 6 Hasbro plastic sabers but do own a custom saber called the Disciple made by Saberforge and I am installing electronics into a fantastic replica of Qui-Gon Jinn’s hilt made by a company named OneReplicas. It’s just expensive for me to buy parts at the moment.

      1. Ah yeah, I can see how it would be really expensive. Have you seen anything about the lightsabers you can make at Galaxy’s Edge yet? That’s pretty exciting, right? 🙂

      2. Hi there, yes I’ve seen the Disney sabers and quite like their “Legacy” models. The sabers from Savi’s Workshop are not quite “combat ready” but I guess the experience of building your own saber in the workshop would be cool.

  2. Hi FT and congrats! I’m liking how this new ‘Master Series’ has started – so much added detail with a look into some of the components. I remember that scene in the film as striking when Anakin goes wild against the Tuskens at their camp, so yes, a pretty hard-hitting back story. Look forward to seeing more in this Master Series!

    1. Hello TVTA, thank you so much. I realised I needed to up my game and “opening up” the saber let me do that by showing off the internals too. And I have good news for you- I have FOUR more Master hilts to come covering the whole saga from Star Wars 1977 all the way through to 2019 and The Rise of Skywalker.

  3. I look forward to the green screen motion tracking animation of you using your cgi sabre. But I’m very pleased to see the level of detail your using. I can just about render a box in blender. Good work FT

    1. Thanks Neil, but I’m not sure I’m quite up to speed with doing Green Screen just yet (plus I don’t have a decent camera or “studio” area to film in). And I’m sure you could do well at rendering stuff if your Dalek artworks are anything to judge by.
      Oh and I’m not really that photogenic – I have been told I have a face for radio! ;D

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