Annihilator Saber – Inspired by the Empire’s Star Destroyer

Hello Everybody, hope you are all well. I have a BIG saber to show you all today and not just a saber, but if you don’t like this design as a lightsaber you can remove the handle and use it as a model! (Plus I have a bonus item at the end of this post to check out!) The inspiration for today’s hilt is the awesome Star Destroyer. The Star Destroyer was the second ship we ever saw in the Star Wars universe and movies as it chased down Princess Leia’s transport ship the Tantive IV. That opening scene where the destroyer overflies the camera (and us) was phenomenal, the ship seemed to be never-ending. These ships were big, powerful, and could destroy planets (or at least wipe the surface clear of any inhabitants). They also carried dozens of TIE Fighters and hundreds of troopers. So I figured I should try and replicate an SD ship in saber form. So here is a work in progress picture of the basic outline model..Executor Wireframe MK

Now as you can see there are a few differences between the space ship and the saber, firstly there seems to be a long handle sticking out the back end (sorry, stern of the ship) and a big tube for the blade extending out of the bow. But I did try to make this model accurate as far as the basic shape was concerned and I used a set of blueprints I found on the net to help build the model. In Blender you can import and display images to act as reference guides, then you build the model “on top” of the pictures, pulling and shaping parts till they match the outlines. The blueprints I used look like this…Star_Destroyer_Blueprint_SWCT

Ok so you have seen the studio WIP pictures, it’s time for the Glamour Shots gallery and you will notice I have a very special backdrop for the model this time…a 3D Space Panorama!….

I recently perfected the trick of adding a 3 dimensional background for my models so thought a star scene would look better than a plain backdrop. From the images you should be able to pick out details such as superstructure which I etched into the body, the two secondary hangar bays on the port and starboard sides along with the forecastle (or bridge as it is sometimes called). I placed the red activation switch on the rear of the bridge structure. The pictures also highlight that I included a crystal chamber to represent the main shuttle hangar bay on the underside of the ship. Finally, on the handgrip I added a pommel that represents the SD’s “Shield Generator Globes”. These globes are the emitters for the shield and were originally located on the top of the bridge structure but after watching SOLO – A Star Wars Movie and seeing a Star Destroyer being assembled on Corellia I thought the globe would look great as a pommel. You can see the Generator Globe being lowered into place in this screenshot…

Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm Ltd.

Alright, that just about….WAIT! I still have a bonus to show you all yet! Not only have I learnt to add 3D backgrounds to my models but I have been working on my ANIMATION skills. I did a small animation of my TY Silencer Saber and thought the Star Destroyer would look “Impressive…most impressive!” animated with a space background so, if my video works….here is my animated Annihilator Saber (CAUTION!! There may be a Flashing Image issue for some people so if you are Photo Sensitive please be aware!!)

If the animation doesn’t work please let me know (but I tried it on YouTube and it seemed to display). I know it is a basic orbit and lasts a few seconds but I kinda liked it. However I have a much more advanced animation for my upcoming saber for the most famous Jedi Master ever, Luke Skywalker.

This time that does wrap things up for this post. I hope you enjoyed this design and I’d just like to say thanks to the developers of Blender 3D….because tomorrow marks the anniversary of my first Blender model based post. You can check out my first model by clicking HERE . I have only been using Blender for 365 days and it has allowed me to create sabers, pictures and animations like this ^^. And Blender makes it soo much fun!

So to you my viewers and followers, new and regulars, thank you soo much for joining me on my 3D modelling/saber designing journey and thanks for the continued support, it really means a lot me reading your comments and thoughts. Till next time…..

“Annihilator Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. The “Star Destroyer” and all Star Wars related names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm Ltd.

11 thoughts on “Annihilator Saber – Inspired by the Empire’s Star Destroyer”

    1. Hello Resa, thank you very much. I was called an artist by a member of a forum I belong to yesterday and I am humbled that you enjoy my work too. I have to say not only do you produce the Art Gowns but I enjoyed the short piece of fiction you wrote recently to accompany the Mermaid Tail graffiti art you posted. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Mei-Mei, I am so glad you liked the animation. I don’t do many because that 4 sec clip took my laptop over an hour to produce! The Luke Skywalker model I have coming soon will have a few more bells and whistles though! Thanks again.

  1. Nice work FT. That year passed quickly. Animation takes forever. I probuce a folder of images then use blender to stitch them together. That way you can do a forward and backward rotation with the same images. Twice the animation length with the 1 set of images. I had a quick look at blender 2.8 it looks very good.

    1. Hi Neil, yes that past year did seem to go quickly…probably because I was busy learning! I have tried both methods of animating (straight render to video and the method you describe) but for some reason I just rendered straight to file as it was a short clip. I have looked at 2.8 but there’s no way my laptop can run that (and I quite liked some of the results with Evee!) Thanks once more and keep your eyes out for more animations….there is one coming up nearer to December!

  2. Big congrats on the Star Destroyer FT! (and also for your first anniversary on Blender) That’s a bold ship to take on and you’ve made a pretty stunning job of replicating its shape and features while making it a saber, as well as adding that cool space background. The animated short is good too – another facet to your design skills!
    PS. A somewhat late email is on it’s way to you now matey!

    1. Hello TVTA, I’m glad you like this design too, I had good practice with our Supermobile Saber design. It turns out that animating in Blender is easier than I thought, it’s just my laptop creaks a little under the effort to compile the video. Thanks for the kind comments and I will check my inbox.
      p.s. I have finished our latest collaboration!

    1. Hello Annlyel, thank you for the nomination, I appreciate the acknowledgement. I commented on your acceptance post to congratulate you there on your award. As always I will do my best to post an acceptance article as soon as I can !

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