Trooper TPE Tie Pilot Edition saber

Hello Everybody, today I had better get back to business after the very nice surprise I had last week with my nomination for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”. I’d like to just thank Annlyel once more for that honour, it is really humbling to know I impress, inspire or entertain people with what I do and makes it worth the effort, thank you.

Today I bring you a few unseen designs in my Trooper inspired range of sabers, and this time I have a repaint for the famous Tie Fighter pilots…and they would probably welcome a saber, The reason I say this is that the Tie Fighter, which was built by Sienar Fleet Systems was a very, very basic starfighter…with no shields! The Empire rejected shields on the ships to make them quicker and more agile but also made them fragile, even a glancing hit could destroy a Tie. But even if the Tie Pilots were deemed expendable, they looked menacing and cool in their gloss black flight suits and masked helmets (oh yes, these were necessary because there was no artificial atmospheric equipment on board either and the pilots needed Life Support Suits!).

So as I mention this is a final repaint of the previous Trooper hilts before I move onto a couple of very special hilts I’ll discuss later but first here are the work in progress pictures….

By using a different material setup I was able to replicate a semi-glossy black coating and a metallic silver colour on the hilt to match the life support suit which looks like this…sw4script766

And the hilt looks like this, Glamour Shots….

I think I got pretty close to the textures found on the pilot’s outfit. One thing I might have done to this design would be to add a few Imperial Cog logos, but I built this a while ago now before I learnt how to add transparent graphics (you may remember I first did transparent textures with my Finn inspired Trooper – TFA Saber – First Order Trooper Saber hilt). It isn’t much but I feel the red Cog ignition switch just adds a bit of interest. However I have one final Stormtrooper inspired hilt in my collection and it has a LOT of red on it as it is based on a rumoured squad of troopers known as the 709th Red Fury Stormtroopers. I also have a “Super Star Destroyer” for them to fly around in…sort of, well it’s a new saber based on the Destroyer and some eagle eyed viewers may have seen it show up already in a sneak peek last week. But I just have one more image to share based on the Trooper hilt and another squad of troops known as the 501st Legion, Vader’s personal squadron of troopers. This hilt was done as a joke….the 501st mkI realised that Vader’s squad of troops shared the same number as a famous brand of denim jeans, so I textured the hilt in a denim coating…complete with fashionable ripped knee detail and if you look on the emitter it even has the famous Red Tabs! Wow, I have entered the fashion world!

Well on that lighter note, I think that just about wraps up this offering. I just have time to remind you what’s upcoming in future posts. There will be two hilts based on famous ships, one is the Star Destroyer and the TY STRIKER RETURNS. But this time it has been remodelled and is in The Rise of Skywalker colours! And of course there is the 709th Red Fury. So I hope you will return to check these three out but for now I have to say thank you all for visiting and supporting myself and FTSabersite today. Whether you are regular or first time visitor you are much appreciated. Till next time….

p.s. By the way….a little trivia fact I forgot to mention…The Tie Fighter is named after the acronym Twin Ion Engine Fighter I<O>I

“Trooper TPE Tie Pilot Edition Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. “TIE Fighter”, “Stormtroopers” and all other Star Wars names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

3 thoughts on “Trooper TPE Tie Pilot Edition saber”

  1. Never new tie fighter was an acronym. Levi sabre lol. Every week I see your work and miss rendering Daleks. I love your focus FT.

    1. Hi Neil, my focus comes from watching the attack on the Death Star in Star Wars too many times….”Stay on target!….Stay on target!”. But if you saw me on a daily basis in real life you’d know I was far from focused.

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