The Destined One Saber and May The Fourth Be With You

Hello Everybody and happy “May The Fourth Be With You” day! Yes today is Star Wars day when fans of the franchise celebrate the story of a young farmboy named Luke, that lives on a desert planet called Tatooine. That is until he meets up with an old hermit wizard who is really a famous guardian warrior known as a Jedi Knight, and he sets off on a journey to save a Princess from the clutches of an evil Empire and a villain named Darth Vader.

Darth Vader, the villain of the story is a half man, half machine Dark Lord of the Sith who was once a Jedi Knight and peacekeeper of the galaxy. However he was corrupted and turned to the Darkside by events and the actions of his Master, the Emperor. Darth Vader is famous for the weapon he used, a red bladed lightsaber that instilled fear in all who saw it or faced it in combat. As Vader is the focal point of the story I felt I should concentrate on him and attempt to recreate a version of his lightsaber for this special day. Vader used three hilts in the original trilogy of films so I decided I would build a model similar to the one seen in “Star Wars A New Hope”.

The pictures above show the three hilt designs from the original trilogy of films and the single hilt picture shows the one I attempted to recreate from “A New Hope”. It isn’t 100% accurate as I built this from “eyeballing” the pictures above and estimating measurements but I hope I got pretty close. As always you can be the judge as I present “The Destined One Saber”…

I really worked hard on this hilt as there are lots of tiny details. Starting at the pommel, there are ridges around the circumference of the pommel (to help unscrew the part should you need to repair the internal components!) Then next up is the famous “T-Track” ribs on the handgrip. It was believed for a long time that these black strips were made from car windshield wiper blades but an interview with the prop designer Roger Christian explained how they were cut from runner strips used for holding sliding doors in furniture cabinets. There are also a set of accent rings that circle the hilt and sit beneath the strips. Next along is the switch section which has the lever and clamp band from a vintage camera flashgun and slotted into the clamp was a plastic strip with bubbles on. This strip is the screen from an Exactra 19 pocket calculator which magnified the LED digits. Further toward the emitter are a set of 6 lozenge shaped holes cut into the hilt which shows the brass coloured inner metal. The emitter has a few “Greeblies”, the decorative parts used to look like control knobs. In reality these were Terminal Wire Posts and Caps. Wires on old electric connections were wound onto a threaded post and a thumbscrew style cap screwed down to hold the wire in place. To finish the details there is a “D-Ring” loop to hang the saber from a hook on your belt. Oh and of course a Sith Red blade!

In the above pictures you can see the wireframe display of the hilt as I built it in Blender and the last two images were my experiments to present the hilt in a more fancy manner. I attempted to build a plinth that resembled Darth Vader’s meditation chamber that we see in Empire Strikes Back. Again it’s not an exact copy but just something Sci-Fi looking. It also enabled me to try out different lighting set ups too.

Now some of you may be wondering why I named this hilt “The Destined One”? Well, it is due to the fact Darth Vader may be the one who brings balance to the Force as when he was known as Anakin he was discovered to be “The Chosen One” mentioned in the Jedi texts as the person to restore that balance. But I didn’t want to copy the name! I hope I have gotten somewhere close with this model as it is an icon of the films.

That just about wraps up this “May The Fourth” day post, but first I have to say thanks to all of you, my viewers and followers for your continued support of this site. I have noticed an increase in numbers of visitors which is nice. Whether you are a regular or one of the newcomers and this is your first visit, you are much appreciated. I’m not sure which hilt I will post next, I have a choice between the Jedi Fallen Order inspired hilt I teased recently or a remodelled weapon for a Wookie (EDIT: please see footnote below), but whichever I choose I hope you will return to check it out. May The Fourth Be With You today and always…Till next time….

EDIT: Due to the sad news of the passing of Peter Mayhew (on April 30th) the actor who portrayed Chewbacca I will be showcasing the Wookie saber “Wookie Berserker” next as my tribute to Mr Mayhew.

“The Destined One” Saber is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. The design is inspired by the hilt of “Darth Vader” seen in “Star Wars A New Hope”. “Star Wars”, “Darth Vader” and all related names, logos, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

11 thoughts on “The Destined One Saber and May The Fourth Be With You”

    1. Hello TVTA, I am so pleased the hilt impresses…I would hate to have gotten in Vader’s bad books by not doing a good job! It is really amazing how much detail the actual props had too, unfortunately they get obscured during filming and such. And Happy Star Wars Day to you my friend.

    1. Hello Xen. thank you for the compliment on my work. Vader being such an icon (probably THE icon) of Star Wars I had to do his saber justice. As I mentioned to TVTA, the real props were so detailed I had a lot of bits I had to include. And may I say your recent “Cobra Kai” image looked a bit Darkside Sith with the red/black style…nice work. And May The Force Be With You on Star Wars Day!

      1. Haha thank you Tyeth! And no worries at all, your light saber work is just amazing, as always 🙂 May The Force Be With You also, friend 🙂

      2. Thank you and I definitely shall! Speaking from experience now, they are absolutely amazing 🙂

    1. Hello Neil, I took some inspiration from your Dalek scenes on board their ship and the suggestion to try some bigger scenes. I even added a hidden panel in the upper canopy that emits light downward instead of using an area or sun lamp to illuminate the hilt – it worked better than I thought it would! Thanks again.

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