Supermobile Saber – Inspired by Corgi Toys Die Cast Model

Hello Everybody…..Is it a bird?….Is it a plane?…..No it’s a new saber! Yes as you might have guessed from the image and quote we are visiting the realm of Superheroes and in particular….Superman! This is another instalment in my on-going collaboration with TheVintageToyAdvertiser and focuses on the Corgi toy range of the 1980’s and the spaceship/aeroplane vehicle, the Supermobile. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and drawn by artist Joel Shuster way back in the 1930’s (Superman was originally going to be a vagrant man who had an experimental drug tested on him which gave him superpowers), but the first real appearance of a Superman we recognise today came back in 1938 in Action Comics #1 published by Detective Comics (later known as the famous DC Comics of today). Fast forward a few decades and many TV shows, films and comic books and we come to the 1980’s where superheroes all had gadgets and gizmos. Batman had his Bat Plane, helicopter and boat and so Superman was given the Supermobile!

Superman Corgi 1980 TVTA

And this is my attempt to build a saber based on that vehicle and Corgi toy. It was quite a tough build initially but after viewing a YouTube video by Andrew Pearce of BlenderGuru fame I learnt how to make smooth aerodynamic shapes more easily. Here are a few work in progress pictures….

This hilt originally started off as a cube! But by stretching, pushing and pulling I shaped the cube into a rough aeroplane shape, however it was by far looking aerodynamic. After watching the video I mentioned I was able to drag the wireframe mesh into a nice smooth profile. In the picture you can see the orange lines – these can be selected and moved around the virtual space to form the model, and by working front to back I created the sweeping curve (and using the mirror function meant both halves of the ship were identical!). I think it looks a little bit like the toy…

Superman Corgi b 1980 TVTA
Close up of the Corgi Toy Supermobile.

I have made a few concessions, in that I have stretched the model so it can be used as a saber handle but I have the three winglets, the big exhaust nozzle, the sweeping canopy and even the “S” logos. It is however looking a bit grey…where are the famous blue and red colours? Well here are a few “Glamour Shots” with the paint scheme added…

Again a few changes were made so it wasn’t just an exercise in copying the original toy. I darkened the blue slightly to better reflect the colours seen on Superman in recent blockbuster movie outings and this Supermobile doesn’t have Superman sat in the cockpit. This version has a Kryptonian crystal in the cockpit as a crystal chamber to power the saber! (Don’t worry Superman won’t be affected by the Kryptonite, the cockpit is lead lined!). To make the model useable as a lightsaber handle I had to remove the two “Superman Fist” missile launchers but fear not, this model still packs a punch and as a bonus it has it’s own display stand…

And yes, there are the missile launchers! You didn’t think I would leave out such a distinct feature as those did you? The launchers act as part of the cradle to rest the saber on and feature scratches and scrapes on the fists to make them look used!

I think that just about wraps up this design, I hope you like it…it is different and similar at the same time. But before I put my cape on and fly off in my Jedi Interceptor, I need to say a big thank you to TVTA for the challenge once again and a BIG thanks to all of you my followers and viewers, As always you are appreciated and keep me designing and posting. I still have more hilts to come including a Darth Vader replica, a hilt for Vader’s apprentice, a few for a Playboy Billionaire Superhero with a suit of armour and Oh yes…”It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere, I’m all alone more or less….” <This song lyric is a clue to another upcoming hilt. I hope you will return to check all of them out in future posts. Till next time…..

“Supermobile Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. Superman was created by Jerry Siegal and Joel Shuster and all Trademarks/©Copyrights are now owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros Entertainment. Supermobile die cast model built by and is copyright of Corgi Toys ltd.

9 thoughts on “Supermobile Saber – Inspired by Corgi Toys Die Cast Model”

  1. Hi FT, and bravo! Your Supermobile saber is just brilliant. I think you’ve made the perfect compromise in meeting the challenge of blending an iconic 80s toy vehicle with a functioning and practical lightsabre. The punching fists incorporated onto the stand is an excellent move 🙂

    You’ve created three things here to my mind: the original punching vehicle based on Corgi’s toy (with stand); a non-punching sleek but muscular aerodynamic jet plane (independent of stand); and, of course, a cool lightsaber!

    Again, bravo. This is my new favourite in our little series now.

    1. Hello TVTA, I am so pleased it worked out so well. As I mention above the hilt was a pain at first trying to get the sleek look which is why it took a little longer to build. I have to thank BlenderGuru for his video which unlocked the technique for me. I will make a start on the “Gran Tomato” now 😀

      1. Check your email later as I just found an amazing pic of the Supermobile! It’s possibly the first reference to it, early 1978. I was planning on making a big Superman post next week, and was searching for some more material when I discovered it. Might have to make my Superman post tomorrow now, we’ll call it a Superman weekend 🙂

      2. Hello TVTA, I’ll be sure to check my inbox later. I didn’t mean to derail your posting schedule by posting mine earlier, but I can’t wait to see all the stuff you have to show,

      3. I’ve been gathering the ads for a while, so I’m looking forward to posting up. I’m doing the same with Batman, Spider-Man and Wonder-Woman. Have enough material now to give them their own space.
        Just sent you the pic now of the early Supermobile.

  2. Reblogged this on The Vintage Toy Advertiser and commented:
    Greetings vintage mates 🙂 My good friend and fellow WP blogger – For Tyeth – has only gone and done it again… check out his latest creation: the Superman Supermobile Saber, which is inspired by the iconic ‘punching fists’ Supermobile vehicle sold by Corgi Toys in the late 70s and early 1980s.

  3. that is Super Man. Another cool saber idea. Will share it on Facebook. I look forward to your posts they are always interesting. Blender Guru Andrew has some good tutorials, The donuts one always makes me hungry. Cant wait for the RD saber. reminds me I still have a few to watch with my grandson.

    1. Hello Neil, glad you like the Supermobile. It took a bit of work but Andrew unlocked the technique for the spaceship shaping I needed. I thought you might get the RD hint 😀 And thanks again for the support.

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