For Tyeth’s 2018 Review

Finally we reach the finish line and final page. But first before I go I as always have to say a MASSIVE thank you to ALL of my viewers and followers, new and regular for your amazing support of FTSabersite and me For Tyeth. Over the Christmas period you have propelled my site through the 10,000 views milestone! I couldn’t think of any better evidence of how great you all are….Thank you each and everyone.

I am part of a great community and by extension so are you, but there have been a few rocky times this past year and some people could have treat other people and groups a little better in my opinion. We have had ends of eras and we have opened new doorways and paths of opportunity. All the while I have kept designing and my love of the Star Wars world, and will continue to do so in 2019. I hope this year has been kind to you and that next year will be even better….and I really hope you’ll all join me back in 2019. So MTFBWY and TILL NEXT YEAR…….

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4 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s 2018 Review”

  1. First blog post I have read this year, A good way to start a new year, its sunny outside. Your enthusiasm is inspiring me. I feel a good year in the making. It will be interes
    ting to see where your imagination takes you, and us your readers this year. Happy New Year FT

    1. Thank you Neil, I’m so glad that the new year has started in a bright fashion. And I wouldn’t be designing and building 3D models if it hadn’t been for your advice and encouragement so I thank you and hope you and your folks have a great 2019!

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