For Tyeth’s 2018 Review

Hi there, this is Page 5 and we are approaching the finishing line of this post but I still have a few hilts to show you and then I can relax at a Comic Con or two.

This collection of hilts are totally bespoke originals. One or two are based on a fantastic “FanFiction” story I am reading at the moment. Here they are…

Ok, Citadel Saber was my attempt at a new technique where I only modelled a cross-section of the saber then created copies of the part to build the whole structure. It also has a lit pommel. TSWG 10K Saber was designed for  YouTube author who is a talented artist and passionate Star Wars fan. It was in recognition of her channel reaching 10,000 subscribers and to cheer her up as she was feeling a bit sad about the state the Star Wars franchise is in. Sadly I haven’t been able to establish contact with her as I don’t do Social Media. The two hilts marked as forum sabers are a design I made to pay tribute to the Ultrasabers forum which I have been welcomed into. “Khaarnage” and “Opela Moraf” are two designs and variants based on characters in a FanFiction story I am reading, written by a member of the Ultrasaber forum named Lady Revan.

With all these designs and the work that goes into them I think I need a rest so how better to relax than go to a Comic Con and a Sci-Fi festival? I thought it was a good idea so I travelled to my nearest cons to let my hair down. I even got to meet Admiral Ackbar actor Tim Rose and I think I may now be part of Star Wars canon!…

I had an amazing time at these conventions and they recharged my batteries and enthusiasm for Star Wars and Sabers. The folks there were fabulous and now I think I may be part of Star Wars canon, because a real SW character has mentioned my name! Sort of 😀 I want to thank Tim Rose and all involved and I hope to return next year. And speaking of thanks please join me on Page 6 for my closing thoughts of 2018 and a few Thank U’s.

4 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s 2018 Review”

  1. First blog post I have read this year, A good way to start a new year, its sunny outside. Your enthusiasm is inspiring me. I feel a good year in the making. It will be interes
    ting to see where your imagination takes you, and us your readers this year. Happy New Year FT

    1. Thank you Neil, I’m so glad that the new year has started in a bright fashion. And I wouldn’t be designing and building 3D models if it hadn’t been for your advice and encouragement so I thank you and hope you and your folks have a great 2019!

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