For Tyeth’s 2018 Review

Hello again and here on Page 4 we’ll see some more of For! Well as I said earlier more of my designs at least. So I had a fairly popular collection of droid inspired hilts and a Millennium Falcon but there are other ships out there and then there is the Tie SIlencer! And as you can imagine such a striking looking spaceship would make an impressive saber so here is TY Silencer…and a few other hilts….

The TY Silencerwas so much fun to build as I used multiple techniques to build the very distinctive shape and I even added a lighted FTE pommel to replicate the ship’s engines. I then had a saber for General Grievous named Kaleesh (Kaleesh is the name of Grievous’ species), a saber based on Ezra Bridger’s new green saber as seen in Star Wars Rebels and for fun I even built a saber based on the 80’s TV show “Knight Rider” for my friend TheVintageToyAdvertiser (I am also building a few more for him which you will see next year).

We didn’t have a big Star Wars movie premiere this year at Christmas because Episode 9 doesn’t come out till 2019 so what would we watch instead? Well it turns out there are currently TWO big blockbuster films at cinemas fighting for our cash so I figured “how about building a few hilts based on these films?” So of course I did…

These “Super Hero” and Comic Book inspired designs served two purposes, first they celebrate popular culture, and secondly they are totally unique and new designs I created so they don’t get mistaken for the Cerakote ones I mentioned earlier. I think  I am now beginning to really get to grips with 3D modelling. And I am not just creating “inspired by” hilts but original designs not seen on the big screen…. and I have a few of those on Page 5 and I finally get a little time to relax and have fun….

So please click to go to Page 5 (we’re nearly finished I promise!)

4 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s 2018 Review”

  1. First blog post I have read this year, A good way to start a new year, its sunny outside. Your enthusiasm is inspiring me. I feel a good year in the making. It will be interes
    ting to see where your imagination takes you, and us your readers this year. Happy New Year FT

    1. Thank you Neil, I’m so glad that the new year has started in a bright fashion. And I wouldn’t be designing and building 3D models if it hadn’t been for your advice and encouragement so I thank you and hope you and your folks have a great 2019!

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