For Tyeth’s 2018 Review

Hello once more and welcome to page three of my 2018 review and here I will show you a snapshot (or two) of the designs I have built in the last 6 months! So first up is a collection of Star Wars hilts based on iconic characters, ships and DROIDS!

With each design I tried to push my boundaries and skills but when you get inspired by such characters as R5-PHT as seen in “SOLO a Star Wars Story” and Artoo Detoo I couldn’t help but do the best I could. As you can see I actually got to meet both Droids at a local Comic Convention I attended. This was great as R5-PHT is THE droid that you see on screen in SOLO, and I got to meet his human companion and builder who later contacted me about my tribute to his droid!

You will have noticed some of my sabers have very bland looking blades, this was due to my learning curve in 3D modelling. I didn’t know the trick to adding the famous “ILM Magic” saber glow but one day I saw a YouTube tutorial and the technique became obvious. Previously I had tried to add the special effect to the model itself as all the other tutorials I had watched said “apply this material and filter to your blade….blah blah blah” and I thought you integrated the effect in the model. But you actually just designate which parts of the model give off light and when you create the preview images (called rendering) you add a photographic filter which adds the glow over the parts of the model that are tagged as Light emitting. Blender then does it’s own magic and talking of magic it must nearly be Halloween and the time for Ghost….Busters!

I am really proud of this design as I pushed beyond anything I thought I was capable of doing (or my old laptop for that matter!) I used many modelling techniques to create the hilt and make it sort of resemble the iconic ECTO-1 car and it’s famous equipment roof rack. I used the roof rack as a display stand for the hilt as if I placed it on the saber you would have difficulty holding the hilt! This hilt also has chromed parts, streamline fins, emergency lights, the Ghostbusters logo and has FOUR Ghost Traps to form the cradle to rest the hilt on.

But these were just the beginning! I have a further page of designs so please click to Page 4 to see more of For! (My designs, not me personally! 😀 )

4 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s 2018 Review”

  1. First blog post I have read this year, A good way to start a new year, its sunny outside. Your enthusiasm is inspiring me. I feel a good year in the making. It will be interes
    ting to see where your imagination takes you, and us your readers this year. Happy New Year FT

    1. Thank you Neil, I’m so glad that the new year has started in a bright fashion. And I wouldn’t be designing and building 3D models if it hadn’t been for your advice and encouragement so I thank you and hope you and your folks have a great 2019!

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