For Tyeth’s 2018 Review

Hello and welcome to Page 2 of my review! Now where was I? Oh yes, further big news…

Well not only was the SF forum closing but the Adaptive Saber Parts application was finally getting an upgrade and new parts. It had taken 2 years for this to happen, but when it did I found I was no longer able to use the application! I have an old laptop and the new specifications to run the app meant I couldn’t. I was in a bit of a quandary…how could I design if I couldn’t use ASP? The answer came from a friend of mine, Neo, of makeroommakeroom who informed me there was a hope! A piece of 3D modelling software named Blender 3D would work on my old machine and I would be able to continue designing FULLY BESPOKE ORIGINAL designs and not need to rely on third party apps! So started a VERY BIG new designing adventure as I learned 3D modelling…from scratch! You can read about my exploits with Blender 3D by clicking For Tyeth Tries…Blender 3D!: but just for a laugh here is the picture of my first building attempt….mind you I had only installed the software 30 minutes earlier 😀

But while I was working on learning 3D modelling I discovered that the company mentioned before started selling a series of sabers inspired by “Super Heroes” and Comic Book characters and came in matching colour schemes! They were titled as “Cerakote Superheroes” and where I had a design called “Panther’s Claw”, Saberforge had Panther King, I had The Flash inspired hilt “Blinding Flash” and SF had a saber called “The Fastest Man Alive” among others including Spiderman, Aquaman and Batman. It would seem I had inspired the great white saber shark of Saberforge! See my article on this event by clicking I’ve Inspired Someone! SaberForge? Maybe?

But I couldn’t rest on my laurels and needed to get to work on creating more new original designs so as practise I built a Kylo Ren style crossguard saber as my second build to see what Blender 3D could do. After building that hilt I went on and produced Speeder, I learnt to use transparent objects to make a Voltron Legendary Defenders set of hilts with interchangeable Lions Head pommels, as well as a pair of hilts for Qi’Ra and Darth Maul from the movie SOLO….

These designs were a start and I felt were getting better as I strived to learn a new modelling technique for each new model. And as I wasn’t stuck with using 3rd party software or prefabricated saber parts I could let my imagination loose and it felt great! It was also a lot quicker to create too as I can now build a model, add the textures and create 8 preview images in roughly 3 days, if I was still using the old technique I used it would take a full week to just produce the 8 pictures! This new found speed and workflow meant I could let rip and really design. And on the next page you can see a collection of some of those designs….so please click the button below to go to Page 3!

4 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s 2018 Review”

  1. First blog post I have read this year, A good way to start a new year, its sunny outside. Your enthusiasm is inspiring me. I feel a good year in the making. It will be interes
    ting to see where your imagination takes you, and us your readers this year. Happy New Year FT

    1. Thank you Neil, I’m so glad that the new year has started in a bright fashion. And I wouldn’t be designing and building 3D models if it hadn’t been for your advice and encouragement so I thank you and hope you and your folks have a great 2019!

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