Just a quick update, don’t worry I’m still here!

Hello Everybody….I  haven’t disappeared and am still here but work on my review of 2018 is taking a little longer than I anticipated. I knew I had done quite a few things this year but looking back over my year’s posts it’s hard to know what to include or not!

So as a progress report I am about three quarters through typing it up and as I am writing it without a script I have to insert links and images and tidy things as I go, but I should have it finished for the 31st December. I hope you will look in on FSabersite and share a trip through my past year’s adventures on New Years’ Eve!

Till next time….here’s a little Meme to test if you are a true Star Wars fan!Roger Roger

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4 thoughts on “Just a quick update, don’t worry I’m still here!”

    1. Hello Neo, hopefully this WILL be the review you are looking for – and good news it will publish at Midnight GMT on the 31st, I just finished it after a broadband outage!

    1. Hi TVTA, happy to see you are present and ready! As I just told Neo Trinarty the review will publish at Midnight GMT on the 31st. Hopefully the wait will be worth it I just finished it as I had a broadband outage so am further behind schedule than I hoped. 😀

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