Happy Holidays From FTSabersite!

Hello Everybody and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates at this time of year. This time of the year resonates with me quite a bit as I bought my first fully custom saber three years ago and it arrived on December 24th. I had hoped it would arrive a week earlier as it was bought for my birthday present actually but I can’t complain! The saber is a hilt called the Disciple from a US based company known as Saberforge, but I quickly renamed it the “Bal’Demnian Blade” as part of my backstory. The Bal’Demnian accompanied me on many adventures and is still serving me well. As it was this hilt that got me into the Lightsaber hobby and community I felt I should celebrate it’s third birthday too. Now I did post an article about 3D modelling using Google/Trimble’s SketchUp application which I tried and used it to recreate my personal hilt and here are the pictures….

I managed to build something akin to my hilt but it was far from perfect and it took me TWO weeks to make this model because the software was so tricky to use and certain functions were limited. You can see that the curves are not very nice looking and it is also very flat and cartoon like in colour and shading. Fortunately though I discovered my laptop could run a piece of 3D modelling software called Blender and I have been using it since June of 2018 (basically six months) and I felt my homage to my saber needed updating so here are two new images and models I made using Blender to show how good this software is and the progress I have made…

I think this version looks much more realistic! It features near photo-real textures, the curves are nice and smooth, I have all the little details….I even added a recharge port and a Covertech Knob belt clip but the nicest part is that it has a proper smooth shiny skin. Oh that and the fact I can now add proper leather like handgrips! And you would think this model took a long time to create wouldn’t you? Well….I built it in around 3 hours!

The last three images above are the real Bal’Demnian that I own just for comparison! I think my new homage is pretty close to the original but it isn’t my design….however I do still have around TEN NEW hilts to show you in next years’ upcoming posts. There is the promised Charlie’s Angels themed hilt, a Resident Evil weapon, THREE Stormtrooper based blades, a Senator, a Fossil, and a new Tri-Bladed sword for a comic book God. I hope you will join me for those, and for my look back at 2018 in my New Years’ Rewind. Thank you so much for checking out this post and for your support, as always whether you are a first time festive visitor or a regular follower –  your comments and support is much appreciated. Happy Holidays and Till Next Time….

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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From FTSabersite!”

    1. Hello DK44!!! How great to hear from you, this has made my Christmas Eve! Things are OK here thank you and I hope all is good for you and your folks. I will email you shortly after the holidays and fill you in on the details and you can tell me how your installs are progressing! Thanks again and MTFBWY! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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