Opela Moraf – A saber for a follower


Hello Everybody, thank you for joining me once more as this is my 400th post since starting this blog. In that time I have posted some sabers I liked and then there is my next design which I am particularly fond of. I designed this hilt in conjunction with the Alex Khaar “Khaarnage” saber after being inspired by a story written by a member of the forum I belong to, The young lady is called Lady Revan and her story, “Only Light Can Cast Shadow” (contains some Adult themes) revolves around a character named Halin Chan, who defies the Jedi Council to defend her homeworld during the Mandalorian War. Halin Chan’s disobedience led to a revolution of sorts and she inspired a group of other Jedi to join her cause and this saber is for one of those followers…Opela Moraf. I imagined that Opela would already have a saber but maybe modified it to display her fealty to her leader Halin Chan. Halin by this time had taken on a new name and was known as Revanchist or Revan. This is Opela’s saber with the modifications to show her allegiance…..

This saber may seem simple at first glance and it is, sort of. It is basic in that it is a symmetrical cylindrical shape with clamshell shaped emitter and pommels, but this hilt is very multifaceted. Literally, it is covered with many tiny ridges that give the saber a rippled, knurled look almost like diamond cut and that makes this hilt stand out. I created this effect when I discovered I could edit the edges and vertices (lines and corners) of the model with the same techniques as the flat faces of the model. This meant I could select the lines and points of the model to form a mesh or “net”, then I stretched that net outward and thickened it to form ridges and depressions. I think the resulting effect is beautiful but I’ll let you decide as I have a few “Glamour Shots” for you to look at…

I think you will forgive me for not having many “work in progress” pictures after seeing these glamour shots. I think the hilt looks soo much nicer all painted up and with the lighting effects. The pommel and switch are modelled on the Revanchist logo and are the badges of honour this saber wears. The white blade represents the fact that Opela aligns herself with Revan, and not the Jedi or Sith but somewhere inbetween. The red and black bands are also the colours of Reavn’s battle mask on which the logo is based on. The hilt has a basic D-Ring loop for hanging it off your belt as most sabers from this era of the Star Wars story had. The clamshell emitter and pommel bookend the most striking feature of this hilt…the handgrip! As you can see all those ridges and depressions created an ornate diamond-like pattern that glints and shines from every angle!

A simple and yet complex saber for Opela. I hope you liked it and I hope Lady Revan also likes the full finished design. I did send her an initial sneak peek of the first unedited model but this is the final specification…well almost! I have one final picture of the hilt and I used a blade colour that Lady Revan developed for her own saber, and it looks a bit like this….Opela Revanchist Blossom

Lady Revan owns a custom saber with special electronics that allow you to create different blade colours and this is the colour she created and I have been able to recreate in Blender. So again I hope this meets approval!

I am running out of time once more, but I am not running out of designs. I still have the “Glamorous Lady Detectives” saber, one for a lady called Alice, some more KOTOR?SWTOR inspired staff sabers and I cross franchises once more when I show you some “sabers on the starboard bow!” Finally I have a hilt for a Norse Marvel superhero god…and it’s a 3 BLADED CROSSGUARD!

As always before I go I want to thank Lady Revan for sharing her writing talents and story. And I can’t forget to say a big thanks to you all for the support you have given an old saber designer. It means a lot.

“Opela Moraf Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. The names “Revan” and “Revanchist” are elements from the BioWares computer video game “Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic” aka KOTOR 2003.

3 thoughts on “Opela Moraf – A saber for a follower”

    1. Hello Neil, thanks for the kind comments. I am particularly fond of the handgrip myself, it came about when I realised I could apply the same modelling functions to the edges of geometry as well as the faces. This meant I could extrude the edges to form the diamond shaped mesh. The forum is called SaberForum.com and has all sorts of Star Wars and Lightsaber related content – custom hilts, DIY saber building, costuming, stories videos and films…oh and you might find me there too!

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