Citadel Saber – A lightsaber with a spin

Hello Everybody, I today have a rather unusual design that even surprised me how it turned out. It all stemmed from my attempts to learn a new modelling technique (building on my one technique a week), The particular tool/skill I wanted to learn was the Spin function. This method involves drawing a flat 2D outline and then, using the Spin function, the software extrudes (stretches) that line around a set point or axis line, which then forms a full 3D shape. I found it a fascinating idea as I used to own some paper lantern Christmas decorations that were flat but opened out to form bell shaped hangers. This tool works in the same way. So I drew the silhouette of the hilt handle, marking points to show where the emitter began and ended, then the narrow choke points, handgrip etc down to the pommel. I had a line drawing, which I then selected and clicked the Spin function. The software traced the line round and formed a 30 degree sliver. I hadn’t set the rotation limit so the software only created a “slice” of the hilt but upon setting the rotation to 360 degrees it formed a perfect handle! Here are the work in progress pictures…and sorry there aren’t many but as you will see this technique makes modelling very quick and easy!

As you can see in the pictures there isn’t many parts to this saber! The first image shows the “slices” of the hilt but they are spread apart. By moving the original Slice (marked with the coloured arrows) you can alter the position of the “copies” moving them together to form the cylinder. Once I had pulled the Slices together I just had to add the switch, blade and the Covertech Knob to hang the saber from a belt clip. You can see the basic hilt parts in the second image while the third shows an “Exploded” view to give an idea how they fit together. In reality this hilt would still be manufactured from a hollow tube of Aluminium, the Slices used in this method just cuts down on the amount of segments you have to model to form it as the software creates clones. Now enough talking and as there wasn’t much modelling to do I was able to take a few more Glamour Shots in various colours…

And as a special treat I have a final gallery to display the Golden Citadel hilt. The reason being is that on the Ultrasabers fan forum called, it’s members have a topic where they can suggest what they would like Ultrasabers to develop and sell in future. Well some members mentioned they wanted more gold hilts with black accents. As I designed this the same day gold hints were mentioned I figured why not see how it looks in gold and hopefully give them some ideas.

Please bear in mind this design is not linked to Ultrasabers in any way I am just a member of their forum.

Here are the pics…

And the observant viewers will have noticed that the pommel is lit up! Yes, I have “re-introduced” my “For Tyeth Emitter Pommels” known as FTE. The pommel isn’t made from an emitter part as in earlier designs on this site but it does emit light!

I am once more running out of time, the hands of the clock have “spun around” to closing time (<see what I did there 😀 ) and I will have to end this post. But first as always I have to thank all of you, my fantastic viewers and followers (new and regulars) for your support. I really hope you enjoyed this hilt and will return to see more new designs (I have a robot car themed hilt and a saber for a watery warrior coming soon) in future posts. Till next time….

“Citadel Saber (ft)” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. This website and all it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018.

2 thoughts on “Citadel Saber – A lightsaber with a spin”

  1. I like these sabers and their colours a lot – big, bold and chunky. We too had those decorations you mentioned, purchased flat in little plastic envelopes but when opened out were very impressive and colourful. We also had some made from heavy crepe paper which came folded like fans and when opened formed huge corrugated wreaths with images of Santa and such. Then there were the classic homemade snowflakes from scrap paper, ha. Great what can be created from just folded paper! Seems your latest saber post has given me an early Christmas nostalgia rush 🙂
    Also, I’ll email you later with a couple of ideas following on from your excellent Knight Rider design. Keep up the top work FT!

    1. Hi TVTA, so glad you like the design and the memories. Those decorations you describe sound identical to the ones I had. They were beautiful but due to health and safety became “hazards” as they weren’t fireproof. Look forward to reading your mail. Thanks again.

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