TY Silencer Saber – Inspired by Kylo Ren’s starfighter.

Hello Everybody (and DK44, who has patiently waited for this design!) today I bring to you a TLJ inspired hilt. As you can see from the title and featured image, I have created a replica of sorts of Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer spaceship. Now there are sabers with claws as seen with my Panther’s Claw V2 in my last post so I thought why can’t a saber have wings? They can be shaped easily enough and attached the same way as claws, so why not build a winged hilt. The TIE Silencer caught the imaginations of Star Wars fans as soon as we saw it in the trailers for TLJ (Will he pull the trigger and kill his past?) so I picked the Silencer as my inspiration. Again I tried to use a few different techniques including “Wireframe”, “SubSurf Modification”, I used different materials and I have a surprise for you all as I take this hilt for a spin later. Enough talk, let me show you some of the pictures…

Hopefully I have captured the dark sinister lines of the Silencer in this hilt! I think I have, I even managed to include the cockpit windows…and if you look real close you will see they are transparent red, just like the real thing. This makes it look more realistic but the cockpit section also forms the protective Blade Plug. So when the blade plug is inserted then the light from the LED can safely shine through making the cockpit appear lit up! Remove the plug, insert a blade and you have a ready to use saber. I even built the cockpit so there are a ring of windows around the blade. The body of the hilt and fighter is made up of two parts, a solid body plus a second part that is modified so only the edges and corners show. This second part is like a skeletal frame around the solid body and helps form the fuselage panels. The grip section is a basic cylinder indented at regular points to provide finger positions. The grip also has the ridged activation button mounted on top. On the underside is the location for the Covertech Belt Clip knob. Then, as if this wasn’t enough detail….there is the pommel! And the pommel I hope reflects the aft section of the Silencer with it’s angular shape and the illuminated engine ports. I am sorta famous for making designs with pommels that light up! Oh and I nearly forgot the wings, and yes I realise I made a tiny mistake as they don’t match. When I built this a few weeks ago I didn’t realise Blender had a “Mirror” function that allowed me to create a symmetrical mirrored copy of parts, I just copied the left wing, then rotated and pasted it on the right hand position. This caused it to be inverted, but rather than re-assemble the parts and retake all the photos I left the mistake in place and explained it instead – a learning experience. Now I’ve talked a lot again, how about a few more pics, here you go…

Well I hope the wait for this hilt was worth it, and I apologise to my friend DK44 it took so long but I have had quite a few designs scheduled to show you all. Now as a small token of apology I’d like to try “Something….New!” and show one final image with a difference…time to take the Silencer for a SPIN!…(hope this works…)

Ok it only went round once but it is a start. My laptop nearly died animating that (it’s very old like me 😀 !) so I don’t know how many animated pics I’ll do in future.

Wow, where has the time flown? I’m afraid I am going to have to end this post here but before I go I need to say a BIG Thank You to each and every one of you who visit and support me…I have just broken the 8000 Views mark! Your support is very much appreciated and keeps me posting here so thank you and please call back to see more designs including TWO more movie blockbuster hilts, and I may have a “fully operational battle station” to show you soon in future posts. Till next time…

“TY Silencer Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. “TIE Silencer”, “Kylo Ren”, “TLJ-The Last Jedi” are Trademarks/© Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

8 thoughts on “TY Silencer Saber – Inspired by Kylo Ren’s starfighter.”

    1. Hello Neil, I took your advice and tried the animation but my laptop surprisingly managed quite well. I did animate the spin in two stages though. I ran the rendering to produce the individual frames then reloaded those frames into Blenders Video Editor screen and compiled the animation from the Editor. I’m so happy about the 8000 views as I can’t network on Social media to advertise my site like most people can so it is an achievement. Thanks for helping me reach the milestone!

  1. I do use social media. I will start sharing your posts to Facebook, if you do not mind. Will be interesting to see if you get any traffic from it. I used FB under neotrinarty for a couple of years before using my actual name, I had multiple accounts. It is against there rules but as I was not worried if the account was closed down, I used it to promote my blog. I have several friends whom do not use social media, in some professions its not a good idea at all. I do my animations the same way. I ran the Dalek 360 frames then noticed a reverse the frame option. I made 1440 frames out of 360 by reversing and running it twice.

    1. Thanks Neil, that would be most kind. I don’t do social media because I have a “complicated” family life where I chose to have no contact with my birth family. Problem is they do use FB etc so there is a slim chance they could try and contact me.
      Back to more positive subjects, I compiled the video as I did because you can render it in sections rather than in one whole block. So if you have a problem or need to pause then you can without losing your work in progress. And I was quite surprised how quickly my laptop actually rendered the pictures, it took around an hour so I may do a few more. Thanks again.

  2. TY Silencer Saber—-love the name my friend! This is a great ship to make into a saber…very intimidating! Great idea to make the animation too! Your skills are coming along nicely….congton the 8000 views!

    1. Wow hello DK44, I was about to email you the link to this post but you have beaten me to it! Thanks so much, you know me, I like to play on words and think outside the box . The animation was fun, though at first I didn’t think my laptop was able to cope.
      And yes, “Auto Correct”, I disliked that on my old tablet pc I had. Most of the time my tablet thought it knew what I wanted to type better than I did. I have sorted the Lion Head Pommels and will send you the files in an hour or so!

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