SCOMP Saber – Inspired by R2-D2’s Communication Connector (2 of 2)

Hello Everybody, again I am posting twice this weekend! And this hilt is my way of thanking you for enduring THREE Astromech themed hilts! The hilts did vary in subtle ways and had little twists but this hilt is brand new all the way from the pommel up! In the Outer Rim of the UK our terrestrial television station has been showing a Star Wars season and they just showed Star Wars itself and it provided me with inspiration for this hilt. Now, George Lucas and his production crew created the whole film on a limited budget and the scenery and props where improvised from recycled materials. Costumes, props, lightsabers and droids were all built from everyday objects and scrap. One of Artoo’s “eyes” is actually the directional air nozzle from the overhead air conditioning panel of an aeroplane. But another part that caught my attention was the arm Artoo uses to interface with computer terminals…it was only when I watched the film 2 weeks ago I noticed it looked like a lightsaber. So I set to work on rebuilding the SCOMP connector into a lightsaber and here it is…

This is (I hope) a good representation of the device Artoo owns to communicate with computer terminals but turned into a saber, In a way you could say I have recycled an object for a new purpose just like the talented artists of LucasFilm did back in 1976 (one of which was a man called Tony Dyson, who built the majority of Artoo). The saber has a Jedi style blue blade which projects from the nozzle shaped part that connects to the terminals. It features the coloured segments that appear on the real life(?) mechanism (the copper and yellow coloured rings). I even managed to include the little bits of red wiring and as a really special touch of authenticity I included the two foil wound electrical resistors. The resistors are the two little capsule shaped objects with silver wires. In real life electronics they are used to control the amount of electricity flowing through a part of a circuit. They are also used in custom lightsaber replicas to protect the delicate LED lights from getting burned out! They come in a range of values and are colour coded, and in this case the brown resistor is a 39ohms resistor while the blue one is rated at 4.02 megaOhms just like the real prop has! (BTW these resistors would not be suitable for a real replica!) The nozzle shaped part just remined me of what is known as a “Thin Neck” saber where the emitter is mounted on a tube so there is a narrowed  section forming a neck section. Famous thin neck sabers include Obi-Wan Kenobi’s last saber (from Star Wars) and Luke Skywalker’s green hilt. Here are a few more pictures just to finish off this offering…

Ok…I had a little fun and built a SCOMP terminal socket too and the two fit together! Hopefully the pictures will show how close to it I got.

I am approaching the end of this post as I need to go and rest ready for next week, when I will be bringing you a very tribal style saber inspired by Marvel’s recent record breaking blockbuster movie. I hope you enjoyed SCOMP and will join me again next week to see my latest creation. Thank you so much for joining me for both of today’s posts so, Till next time….

“SCOMP Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. “R2-D2”, “Artoo” and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

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    1. Thank you Neil, I just thought it would be fun and a bit of a test for me to model something as minute as a resistor. I was also inspired by reading your posts about recycling PC Towers and thought I’d do some recycling too! Thanks again.

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