R2 Saber -For’s gift to the Iconic Astromech (1 of 2)

Hello Everybody, yes as you can tell this is another Astromech Droid based hilt. But this one is for the most iconic and famous of them all…. R2-D2! This plucky droid’s adventures stretch back over 8 movies, 4 animated series, a radio show (yes radio!) and will more than likely appear in Episode 9+1! Artoo is nearly as old as I am having first appeared on screen way back in 1977 over forty years ago. In all that time he has saved the day over and over. Well I felt he deserved a saber in recognition of this. I made a hilt for him last year called SensorScope but that was using the old software I used…this hilt is built entirely from scratch in Blender 3D. I call this new hilt simply R2 Saber….

This saber is based on the Astromech hilt body I used in my previous designs but as I have promised I tried pushing the boundaries and improving on previous sabers and this hilt has a “hidden” surprise. That surprise is, that where R5-PHT had an exposed emitter, R2 Saber has a hidden emitter under his domed head. The emitter is made to look a little more elegant in gold and is fluted to give it an interesting shape. This required that I made sure the emitter part would actually fit inside the domed blade plug cap. To achieve this I started using the “Wireframe” editing view. This as it sounds displays your model as a framework of interconnecting wires, a bit like early 3D space video games like 3D Tank and those Tomy binocular shaped games had. Here is a picture of the Wireframe view in Blender for comparison…R2-D2 Saber Build Screen 7MK

This image just shows the domed blade plug, the highlighted emitter part and the upper switch section of the saber but as you can see it is already pretty complex! However using this view mode I can ensure the orange bit sits snugly inside the domed cap making this view a very powerful tool. I can line up, resize and reshape parts all from this perspective and allows much more complicated designs. So now you have seen the work in progress you will want to see the glamour shots right? Here they are….

OK I have tortured you all with Astromech sabers for three weeks so as a way of saying sorry would you like to see a second saber today? Well I am going to post a new saber that is based on R2 but with a difference – it is a “Thin Neck” design based on one particular part of Artoo’s anatomy. The design is called SCOMP Saber and you can find it by clicking HERE ! (I promise it is a completely new design with a few neat bits!)

I think that just about wraps up the Astromech designs, I hope you enjoyed them and liked their progression. Next week I have a new design based on the recent “Blockbuster” Marvel movie that broke nearly every record at the box office. I think my new friend “Obi-Wan Wakanda” might like it. So please go and check  SCOMP out and hopefully you will call back for the Marvel blockbuster themed hilt next week. Thank you all so much for today’s visit whether you are a first time visitor or regular viewer/follower…I appreciate the support. Till next time….(or my second post!)

“R2 Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. “R2-D2”, “Artoo”, StarWars and all other names, logos, images and related content are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

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    1. Hello again, I just replied to you on the SCOMP post! Thanks again, I really feel comfortable with Blender now and I may try a few “full scale” Star Wars models…they just won’t be Star Destroyers or the Death Star just yet (though I have another “recycled” design based on a part from an X-Wing coming up soon!).

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