Two Years and Counting – Can it be that long?

Hello Everybody! Well this is a bit different, I was just preparing my next offering for you all and I received a message from WordPress congratulating me on my SECOND anniversary! To say that sneaked up on me is understatement. I don’t know where the last year has gone but it went quick. So in retrospective mode I thought I would just take a look back and see what I’ve done the past 365 days.

This isn’t in order as I am typing this off the top of my head but here are a few highlights(?)….Firstly I welcomed in a new year amid a wave of “Anti-Star Wars” feelings from fans. They were/are really upset about how the Star Wars legacy (and Luke Skywalker’s character) was treated in The Last Jedi. I saw the film and I thought it did some things it needed to but also a lot of stuff it didn’t. I have to say I haven’t watched it again (can’t afford the Blu-Ray just yet) but I did take a chance and watch SOLO – A Star Wars Story, which on the whole was an entertaining action flick. It spawned a few designs for me so it couldn’t have been as bad as folks predicted! Here are a few links to some SOLO themed hilts: Bloodstripe for Han , Calrissian – A Scoundrel’s Saber and L3-37 “Elthree” Lightsaber .SOLO asws

Another turbulent time for me was the closing down of the forum where I sort of  made my name. That forum was the SaberforgeForum run and owned by a custom saber manufacturer company that produced the “Adaptive Saber Parts” virtual builder I used to use to create designs. Well due to “business reasons” the owner, Phil Isherwood clamped down and shut the forum in March. But not before offering the members the chance to apply to become members of his Facebook page community! (Firstly the members who wanted to join shouldn’t have had to apply for entry and this was probably just Phil’s way to control the discussion about Saberforge). Saberforge also updated their Adaptive Saber Parts application with new parts (which had been promised over the 2 years since it launched but never showed up). Great news for most but the upgrade specifications needed to run the program meant I couldn’t use it as my laptop is old (really old). Sooo I had to learn some new tricks and I did….I learnt to use Blender 3D modelling software. This has had MANY positive benefits. It has made it possible for me to create a lot more diverse designs than was possible with ASP. With more work I’ll also be able send my designs out to be built in real life (hopefully).

I also discovered that I may have inspired the company named above as my series of Super Hero Hilts seems to have spawned a series of similar hilts from Saberforge – so maybe just maybe they saw my designs and “liked” them. It feels quite cool to have created something that inspired others. And speaking of inspiring I was inspired by the artwork of a few people around the net. One young lady called Capili Jiron runs a blog and YouTube channel titled “Artistbybeauty” who is a very talented artist. Capili asked for ideas on subjects for her to draw and I suggested Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Clone Wars Cartoon and she graciously obliged me! Here is the timelapse video!

If you want to see more then check out Capili’s YT channel by clicking >HERE or right here on WordPress at

(I have been introduced to another young woman on YouTube recently who is a professional concept artist and very big Star Wars fan. I have sent her an email and saber design as a thank you for her entertaining and passionately presented Star Wars videos. I hope to hear back from her so I can display the saber here.)

And last but not least, a long time friend of mine, Prowl 1701 has set up a new Scifi themed review and discussion channel. You may remember Prowl from early posts I made where I designed a hilt for him based on the Transformers character he takes his profile name from. You can see the hilt by clicking > Prowler Lightsaber . Prowl is a big saber fan and owns around 20-30 lightsabers I think at the last count. If you are fans of sabers, Star Wars and SciFi in general then please go check out Prowl’s channels. He has the best cameraman on the internet, Eric, though I will warn some of the saber battles you will see there are a little intense! (I have advised Prowl and his friends on safety gear 😀 ) Here are the links:

Another Scifi Guy on YT (Prowl 1701)

Prowl 1701’s Saber Review Channel

As I mentioned this anniversary crept up on me so I wasn’t prepared for this post but I have at least marked the milestone. Whilst proofreading this post I also realised I was awarded a Liebster Award which was a great honour so thank you you for that. And as always I want to thank you all, my viewers, followers…friends, new and slightly more elder states-people for your support. It means a lot to me that people find what I create and post is mildly interesting. I will continue to design for as long as you come to see my work. And speaking of which in a few hours time I will be posting my scheduled post of another Astromech Droid Saber design. I hope you will join me for that hilt! Till midnight (that’s midnight GMT!)….

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12 thoughts on “Two Years and Counting – Can it be that long?”

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog since discovering it. Time does pass quickly. It does feel a while though since my mother brother and me queued to watch Star Wars. Light Sabres have come along way since my childhood. Congratulations on your first 2year’s FT.

    1. Hi Neil, thanks very much. It has been a while since I queued to see Return of the Jedi! I was so unprepared by the news I even forgot to mention my day at the Comic Con, where I met Admiral Ackbar actor Tim Rose. That was a highlight. And I’m so happy you enjoy the site, so thank you for your advice and support.

    1. Hello Saber Sourcing, thank you very much. I have a few “NEW” Blender 3D designed Super Hero hilts coming up in future posts so stay tuned.

    1. Hello Paul, thank you, I very nearly missed it had it not been for WordPress sending me a notification. I get so wrapped up in thinking what can I design next I totally forgot the date. I wonder how long I’ll keep going…..

      1. A great achievement! for your blog. My blog had its 6th anniversary this year, the time has gone so quickly. Yes, good WordPress reminds us, I’d never remember all the dates and times ect either. I’ve kept blogging because I like interacting with other blogs and readers so much, it this fun aspect that’s kept me blogging for so long I think 🙂

      2. Hello Paul and congrats again on your achievement. I have found the WordPress family to be much more “authentic and honest” than some of the people I have met within the saber community. To be able to entertain/impress a wider audience means a lot to me. I hope I am around after six years. Thanks again.

  2. Hi FT and happy 2nd blog-birthday! It’s been a pleasure following your content and long may you continue. Looking forward to the next astromech post – the R5 was excellent. Keep up the stellar work and mtfbwy always!

    1. Hello TVTA, again thanks for the kind words. I hope tonight’s new post isn’t too similar. Next week’s hilts will have a few surprises.Thanks and MTFBWY also.

  3. Happy blogiversary 🎉🎊🎈 I enjoy reading your reviews ( and then discussing about it the comments) and looking at your sabers! To many more years! 🥂

    1. Hi Christiana, thank you so much. You were one of my earliest followers and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you. I have said it before but it is great people like yourself that keeps me blogging, if you weren’t out there I would have no one to show my designs to so I am grateful you all keep coming back to see new stuff. I will keep on designing.

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