Paladin Defenders Crystal Katana – for DK44 and his Younglings

Hello Everybody, and especially to DK44 and his younglings (hi guys!). Today is VERY, VERY exciting as not only do I have a completely new bespoke FT Editions design but I have learned there is going to be a new season of Star Wars – The Clone Wars which is mega news…and I may have been overdoing things a little, but more on that later. You all came to see a new saber so I had best get on with this post.

I have had a bit of a Voltron Legendary Defenders theme going after I was introduced to it by DK44. The group of five intrepid heroes lends itself to inspire new designs. I built an “inspired by” hilt (see it here) as a way to practise using Blender and I think I have the hang of it now. So here is a saber which came about through my conversation with DK44, where he asked “Are you making a Voltron Katana Tyeth?”…Er, yes I have and I have taken it step further, here is Voltron Paladin “Crystal” Katana…

So to tie in this design with the original Voltron saber seen in the cartoon I used the same style yellow/black handgrips for the body. I just straightened out the bend from the handgrip and added a few indents for grip and detail. The tsuba handguard is a basic hexagonal shape with faces that could have further details etched into. The activation switch sits in it’s own recessed cavity so users don’t accidently de-activate the blade during battle. And as a finishing touch I used the Robo Lion head models I previewed in earlier posts as a pommel piece! And I envisaged that each Lion Head would be colour coded to the Paladin that was using the saber, This means you could make five sabers in corresponding colours, one for each member of Voltron. (To save space I just displayed the yellow version but you can switch colours easily enough).

But I can hear you all say, “Hey Tyeth! Why is this a “Crystal” Katana? It isn’t made of crystal!”….Well no, it isn’t made of crystal but this saber does contain a “Crystal Chamber” which I made and slotted in! It is my first chamber so is basic but I know I can develop it and make it look more “techy” for use in future builds. And if you missed the crystal chamber in the above pics here is a second gallery of close-up pics…

Because I learned how to merge two model files into one, I was able to build the saber hilt in one file and a second file for the chamber. I tweaked the chamber and when I was happy with it I imported it into the file with the saber and positioned it into the hilt. This means I have so much more control as I can create any object then merge it into whichever project I am working on. And speaking of projects…remember I mentioned above I may have been overdoing things? I have gotten a bit carried away building and I have FIVE more brand new hilts waiting to be displayed!! I have two Solo movie inspired hilts, two droid replicas and a special TLJ inspired saber  coming up!

I am afraid I’m out of time for this Crystal Katana offering, I hope you all enjoyed it. Please call back to see my five new hilts in future posts (Now I don’t usually brag or show off about my creations but I have to say I think you will be impressed by the TLJ saber – I even impressed myself). I very much appreciate your support and comments. Till next time….

“Voltron Legendary Defenders” and all names, logos and related materials are Trademark/© Copyright of DreamWorks Entertainment. “Voltron Paladin Crystal Katana” is an FT Editions saber and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-18.

6 thoughts on “Paladin Defenders Crystal Katana – for DK44 and his Younglings”

    1. Hi TVTA, thanks very much. It took a little work to get the pictures as the Blender software is so powerful it is like a full blown photography/animation/modelling studio. I have been looking up tutorials on YT to do lighting so hopefully the pictures will look better in future. And as I mentioned I can’t wait to show the TLJ inspired hilt, I can only describe it as serious! Thanks again.

  1. Hi For!
    Just saw this post, we’re on vacation and the last couple of days I’ve been off the grid. Awesome Voltron katanas! I especially like the crystal chamber! The lion head pommel is great, that’s the youngling’s favorite part!

    Continue the great work—i can tell you’re getting the hang of using blender, the details you are creating are coming out nicely.

    Speaking of crystal chambers, when i get back i’ll send you some pics of my next project……

    You’ve got me curious about this TLJ saber you’re talking about.
    Take care man

    1. Hi DK44 and kids, so glad you liked the Katana. I was a bit unsure of the chamber but I figured it was my first and I can only improve it so included it. And the good thing about the Lion Head pommels is that your younglings can have one each in different colours! Having seen your Graflex I’m intrigued by news of your next project. Thanks again for your kind comments and enjoy the rest of your break guys.

  2. NIce Work FT – broadband issues and nice weather have kept me offline. I have got myself a firefox you tube downloader and rewatch blender tutorials offline a lot now. Love your Sabre. I must get round to seeing Solo.

    1. Hi Neil thanks so much. I would enjoy the weather while you can, especially with the scenery in your neck of the woods. My YouTube recommendation page is full of Blender Tutorials now where it used to be all about custom sabers.
      As I mention I have managed to design two hilts based off characters in SOLO so I better not say too much and spoil the film for you!
      (And on a side note, I have now worked out how to add background images into my renders! YAY!) Thanks again.

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