Building Blades – Adventures into Acrylics and Curves

Hello Everybody, sorry this post is a few hours late but I have had a few setbacks this past week. Firstly one of my elderly relatives has had an accident and was hospitalised. Secondly I live in a cave/workshop which is bordered by public playing fields…but unfortunately a certain section of the public have decided to set up camp on the field with their caravans. Worse though, they are joy-riding around in their cars and box vans on the field and public paths which could cause an accident as there are children and dog walkers etc who use these play areas. They don’t directly affect me, but are distracting at all hours of the day and night. Thirdly I had to venture into town to get supplies and in the Outer Rim of the UK where I am there is a bit of a heatwave….well that triggers lots of pollen which has triggered a really bad reaction so my eye has been bloodshot and swollen shut for around 48hrs!

However there is good news I got a new “pet” mouse but this one has three buttons and a scroll wheel! Yes I have a new computer mouse so using Blender is now much easier. There are functions in the software that require a scroll wheel to use effectively and now I can! (And the mouse is even illuminated so I can work in the dark 😀 !) I have also made a little progress on learning new things and can now make an object appear to be made of acrylic or glass. Now as you know most lightsabers use a blade made of a plasma-like energy but I am working on a non Star Wars themed hilt which requires a transparent blade. So here are a couple of pics showing how my new blades look….

These pictures also show I have learnt how to add objects together. The hilt handle was imported and added to the blade file I was working on (to the Blender experts this is known as “Appending files”). So now I can make really complex shapes in separate parts, then import them into one file and arrange them to make a final product! This gives much more flexibility and should I make a complete mess of say a hilt handle, I can delete the handle but still retain the blade safely. The hilt I am working on is complex and here are a couple of test fitting images to show my progress…

Yes in the first image the blade was way out of proportion and shape but with the new technique to combine parts it was much easier to reopen the file for the blade I built, edit it then re-import the new blade. There is also the hand grip (grey part) and a Tsuba, or handguard which is red. Some of you may recognise the saber just from these parts but as another teaser and hint here’s one final image for today that may help identify which show it is from…

Sneak Preview 2 MK
A group of five “Lions”

Sorry but I am still not feeling 100% so please excuse me as I finish here and get some Jedi Anti-Allergy capsules! Thank you so much for looking in today, it means a lot to know I am supported (especially from the 3 visitors from the USA who contributed 115 views between you on the 3rd July – I hope you liked the Katanas!) Please call back to see my progress in future posts and if you like what you see here be sure to tell your friends about FTSabersite….it would be most appreciated! Till next time…..

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2 thoughts on “Building Blades – Adventures into Acrylics and Curves”

  1. Good work FT, I am watching the Blender Guru tutorials. the doughnut and the anvil ones. I too just found the append. I am still using other peoples models currently to get the hang of lighting and moving things about. I have made a few images already that I am very pleased with. Sad to here about you current neighbours, they normally get moved on fairly quickly. There are a few you tube blender light sabre tutorials out there too. I cant turn my machines on till late in the day as my pc room / loft is just too hot atm.

    1. Hi Neil, thanks once more. I am gradually getting a deeper understanding of Blender. I have seen the videos you mention too but am a little way off that level yet. I did make a basic version of the lightsaber but couldn’t perform the “Edge Loop Cuts”. However with my new mouse I have the scroll wheel to make things easier. And the “neighbours”? I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to move on. 😦

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