I’ve Inspired Someone! SaberForge? Maybe?

Hello Everybody, what a day it has been! I have had it brought to my attention a concept of mine might have inspired a saber manufacturer ! Yes, as you my followers know, I have been creating “Superhero Themed Sabers” for a looong time, since March 2017 some of which I posted on Saberforge’s now defunct Forum. Well today the big company has decided to launch THEIR “Cerakote Super-Heroes” range of sabers! Now you ask what are “Cerakote Super-Hero” sabers? Well they are lightsabers built by Saberforge and they have a special firearms grade coating on them to make them appear in SuperHero colour schemes…..sound familiar?Assembly MK

The image above shows (from L to R) my “Blinding Flash Saber“, “Aquarian Sea Saber“, “Panther’s Claw“, “Wolverine Themed” and “Stark Lightsaber” and if you click their names you will be taken to each hilt’s post. There are more including hilts for The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Incredible Hulk, you jut need to use the search bar or Tag Cloud on the right hand side of this page>> to find the Tag links! (Click Marvel, DC Comics or Comic Books)

I have acknowledged the Trademarks and Copyrights of Marvel, DC, Disney, Amblin Entertainment, in fact any company that I have taken inspiration from and have invited them to contact me if I have content they want me to remove. I am proud to say that no such request has been made so far….or maybe I’m just not famous enough to be detected! I also credited Saberforge for the use of their “Adaptive Saber Parts – ASP” software to build the base hilts I photo edit.

However I will no longer be able to create designs using this application as it has been updated and my laptop cannot access it due to it’s limited specifications. I will have to concentrate on using good old pencil and paper till I can afford a PC to run 3D modelling. I am also going to have to diversify and try “SOMETHING….NEW!” and have ventured into artwork based on sabers! Something like this…

So sorry to my viewers but my output may be a little different in future. I appreciate all the support and kind comments you gave me, they kept me designing more hilts. I will have to end soon but I do have time to tell you I have a few pictures I have drawn and coloured in coming up in my next post

My days designing Adaptive Saber Parts hilts is over BUT “For Tyeth Editions” will continue in other forms and who knows I may be approached by a Master Sabersmith  who wants to collaborate with me in designing! Thank you all and till next time.

One final thing, here is the link to Saberforge’s collection of hilts so you can take a look at them for yourselves and see what you think (for fairness).

[Saberforge CeraKote Sabers]  <This was a link to their page but it no longer exists – but if you Google “Saberforge Cerakote” you should see some of the hilts they released.

FTSabersite and all it’s content is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. Guest Designer hilt designs belong to the Guest Designer and are used with permission.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Inspired Someone! SaberForge? Maybe?”

  1. older versions of blender 3d software runs on xp, your laptop wont be that old. There are tutorials on you tube. It is free and legal it runs on windows linux and apple. Its a big learning curve to start with, But you will be producing your own sabres with no reliance on 3rd party web sites. There are lots of free download sites to get some basic models on which to start. I run machines that came with Vista on them originally. They now have Linux mint. You can buy an old pc tower for next to nothing online. A lot of mine came from the local rubbish tip. Whilst your art is good your Sabres are just perfect for 3d models. You do not need a powerful computer to do 3d images the renders take longer, but that is the only difference. Try 3d you will love it. I was 40 when I started watching tutorials and messing about with models, you are never to old to try new things.

    1. Hello Neo, thanks so much for the encouragement. Luckily my laptop has Win 7 on it (my old PC had “Vista is Death” with the horrible UAC system permissions) So I may try and get my hands on Blender. Another friend did suggest it but I was wary as this laptop is my only connection, I do everything on it. Thanks again for cheering me up!

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