For Tyeth’s Foray Into Art!

Hello Everybody, today I am starting a new venture! I have been struggling lately to come up with new designs. Not because I am short of inspiration but because some new parts that were announced by Saberforge still haven’t been added to the Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) virtual builder. Mind you Saberforge have finally added a link to on their web store page so potential customers can find the builder to design their own sabers (I have had a link to in my sidebar ever since I started this blog!)

So as I was wondering what to design next I started looking online at the wonderful blogs on WordPress and those of my friends, Kiri at and Mei-Mei of and more recently Capili Jiron’s site. Here these three talented ladies produce some nice artwork in the form of Star Wars Mandala images from Kiri and Mei-Mei, and Capili produces hand drawn cartoon images presented in timelapse videos. That got me thinking, I needed a new forum signature image (used as a personal nameplate on forum message boards) so I attempted to use my skills with photo editing to create one and here it is…ForTyethSurvivor740 MK

I kept with my trademark green colour scheme, added a few lightsaber blades, some transparent smoke and crystal shapes in the background then pasted an old Jedi in the middle because he looks a bit like me! I also created an animated version where the Jedi’s saber flashes brighter like the title image above does. I was recently inspired by some very cool animated Star Wars “pantograph images” on Darkside Creative’s site, I needed an avatar image too, to add to my profile page and here is what I came up with….ForTyethSurvivorAvatar MK

This was a cut down version of my signature image and I added my name in green once more. I accented my name with an orange shadow, but didn’t realise how much it would make the image look like an old 70’s/80’s sci-fi novel book cover 😀 ! I felt these images were OK for a beginner, but I am a saber designer and wanted to do something with my saber designs. This is where Kiri and Mei-Mei’s inspiration came in. They both colour in Star Wars themed mandala images which are usually symmetrical pictures made up of various SW logos/outlines. Well, I thought, “What if I cut and pasted a few of my lightsaber hilts onto a background? How would that look?” I spent an hour or two cutting, pasting and painting and here are my results…


Well they are different I guess! I do have to confess my grandfather was a “Master Artist and Craftsman” which meant he went to college/art school and achieved the highest art qualification available. He could paint, draw, sculpt and do woodworking and use Gold Leaf techniques – he worked at many fairgrounds, circuses and theme parks painting and repairing rides, posters and vehicles. So I think I may have a small bit of his talent in my Midichlorians after all.

So thank you to Capili, Kiri, Mei-Mei and Darkside Creative for the inspiration to try something different! Don’t worry I won’t be taking art up full time I’ll just do something now and then, but I do have two more images based on my Marvel Comics themed hilts I will showcase in my next post. I hope you will return to see those. But it is now time to close the “For Tyeth Art Gallery” but before I go, as always, I’d like to thank you, all my viewers and followers, new and regulars for your support! Now where are my pencils?……Till next time.

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4 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s Foray Into Art!”

  1. Nice design for the logo and avatar, and you’re right it has a comic book cover feel to it. I imagine that old Jedi there crawling from the ruins of his downed ship and proclaiming: ‘I will continue, I will strive!’
    Yep, you must have some of your Grandpa’s art genes there. Interesting you mentioned the Gold Leaf as when I was but a mere Rebel stripling I did an apprenticeship as a French Polisher, and one of the techniques was restoring leather desk tops on writing desks. We used heated tools and rollers to imprint patterns into the gold or silver leaf and onto the leather. Your post just brought back that memory, thanks!
    Look forward to seeing more art here, always good to add a few extra elements I think. Happy weekend matey!

    1. Thanks TVTA, You just described how I “landed” on the planet Bal’Demnic in my backstory. Yes, my grandfather used the books with sheets of 24ct gold and glue. He painted the glue onto the surface he was applying the gold to then had to lay the sheet on top, rolled over the area and peeled the sheet back off. The sheets of gold were thinner than a strand of human hair. Glad you enjoyed the memories and thanks for your kind comments!

  2. I make bespoke rubber stamps for a living, lots of people use gold embossing powders with them, Not as skilled as a gold leafer, but a modern take on it. Your Blog your content, throw some art in. Like you I like creating art, “it gives me a feeling of enourmous well being” – to paraphrase blur. Never new either of my grandsfathers one was a quarry man the other was a visiting GI.

    1. Thanks Neo, I have seen those types of Rubber Stamps on the arts and crafts shopping channels, there are some pretty complex ones nowadays. Usually the only rubber stamps I have experience with say “Declined” or “Rejected”! I do agree though there is a fulfilling feeling after you create an image or Stamp sorta like “I did that!”

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