Batmobile Lightsaber – Inspired by the Caped Crusader’s Car

Hello Everybody, and Happy Revenge of the Fifth Day! Now you didn’t think I would miss a post did you? I managed to find a reliable (if slow) connection to upload my data from the shores of a beach on Bal’Demnic! Revenge of the Fifth is the day after May the Fourth and celebrates the Dark Knights and villains of the Star Wars galaxy. But there is another “Dark Knight” and so I combined two franchises to come up with this new design. The other Dark Knight is of course BATMAN and this hilt is inspired by his awesome set of wheels in the movies, the 1989 Michael Keaton Batmobile to be precise. So here is BATMOBILE LIGHTSABER…..


As you can see this hilt means business and shares some of the ruggedness of the real Batmobile. The blade is a bold yellow colour to fit in with the Caped Crusader’s classic colour scheme and projects from an emitter that from “certain points of view” either looks like the air intake of the car, or, the cowl of Batman himself. The emitter also sports a snazzy bat logo in matching colours. The switch section resembles the side pod sections of the vehicle with radiator grills that have the armour plating. This armour plating idea continues along the handgrip which draws us to the pommel. Now the pommel I think is very Batmobile-like with the fins and of course the sound vent which replicates the rocket exhaust jetpipe!

Hopefully this second gallery helps highlight the design cues, and of course the Batman you can see is my friend, The Silent Ghost Reaper! (Click his name to see the pair of sabers I designed for him and learn about his online antics.)

So as always, even when I’m on a weekend break time has run out! I will have to end this post soon and go back to my hotel room but first I’d like to thank you all for visiting the site and supporting me. Whether you are a newcomer or a long time follower you are much appreciated. I have more designs to come so I hope you will return to see them in future posts. Thanks and, till next time!

“Batmobile Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. “Batman”, “Batmobile” and all related names, logos and related material  are Trademark/©Copyright of DC Comics Entertainment.

8 thoughts on “Batmobile Lightsaber – Inspired by the Caped Crusader’s Car”

  1. Hi Dec, I have a place in my heart for the 1960’s TV Batmobile as I owned a Corgi replica toy, but the 1989 Batman car and movie are cool. This thing does 90 degree turns at 100mph using grappling hooks, an anti-tamper security system, it even has an afterburner! And if I recall correctly Batman (89) was a Tim Burton film (and Danny Elfman did the score?)

    1. Thanks TVTA, I think I just need to add wheels, or maybe it is in it’s secondary “BatMissile” mode where it ejects it’s side-pods! Those logos were actually one of the more difficult bits to do. The photo editing software I use has a stretch function to add “Perspective” but it doesn’t work in full 3D to “wrap” textures on a model. I think I got close enough though! Thanks for the kind comments.

    1. Hello EF, yes Bal’Demnic is relaxing…although the communications between the beach and Earth are tricky! Luckily my droid’s comm circuits have a few “upgrades”…if you know what I mean! Glad you liked the saber, it was based on one of the better movies’ Batmobile.

    1. Hello SaberSourcing, thank you, I try to look at the character (or car or vehicle) I am building the design for and pick out the parts that best represent said character. With emitters and pommels you can turn them into exhaust pipes if you want to! I did something similar to recreate a Viper Fighter from Battlestar Galactica to commemorate Richard Hatch’s passing (I called the saber “Apollo’s Viper”) Thanks for looking in!

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