Happy May The Fourth Be With You! From For Tyeth.

Hello Everybody and Happy May The Fourth Be With You day! Due to the recent events that I mentioned in my last post I haven’t been my usually “happy For Tyeth” and I was busy trying to ensure I got contact details from my friends I was about to lose touch with. As a result I didn’t really feel up to producing a post this weekend…to be honest it wasn’t even on my mind. I apologise. I think it is the first time I haven’t delivered but as today IS May the Fourth or STAR WARS day I had to post something to show I hadn’t lost my hope!

I hope you all go out and have a great time celebrating anything and everything Star Wars, get dressed up as your favourite X-Wing wonder pilot, conflicted Kylo or your favourite Jedi (no, not me! One out of the movies!) Have a party, whatever you like just enjoy the day and be nice to each other Sith or Jedi.

I am jetting off back to Bal’Demnic for a day or so to try and relax but if I can post a new design I will but it may be a little late in arriving – my R4 Unit doesn’t have the greatest modem!

So enjoy your day, my apologies once more and I may post a design shortly if I can get a reliable connection, thanks.

For Tyeth

p.s. Don’t worry I know I spelt Fourth “incorrectly”!

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7 thoughts on “Happy May The Fourth Be With You! From For Tyeth.”

  1. je ne parle francais but i like the wine. Happy 4th my friend. sad to read one of favorite forum closed.

    1. Bonjour Neo! A man with exquisite tastes. Yes it was disappointing to see the forum close especially for the reasons that the owner stated. I don’t believe cost or resources had anything to do with it. But if any day could make me feel hopeful again and restore my faith in the saber hobby it would be Star Wars day….so May the Fourth be with both of us! (Your comment has also helped so thank you)

    1. Thank you Christiana and may The Fourth be with you also!
      I have made it to Bal’Demnic and am enjoying the peace and quiet…it’s so relaxing I’ve even managed to design a new spacecraft!

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