Paladin Defender Lightsaber – Inspired by Voltron Legendary Defenders

Hello Everybody, I have had these hilts on hold for a while as life end events here have been hectic (receiving awards, new hilts arriving and a Spam attack to deal with!), but I feel the time has come to reveal them to you. A good friend of mine and supporter of this site, DK44 Designs suggested I create some hilts for the characters from one of his favourite anime cartoon series. That series is Voltron Legendary Defenders which was based on an earlier show called “Beast King GoLion”. In the shows there is a group of five brave teenage(?) individuals who pilot mechanised lion shaped robots which can combine to form a 300ft tall super robot called Voltron. This band of Legendary Defenders helps fight the evil forces of Emperor Zarkon who intends to control the galaxy and if he gains control of the Lions of Voltron (and as a result Voltron itself) he will have ultimate dominion over the universe. I need to call the Lions to action don’t you think? Here is Paladin Defender…

This is the Green Paladin’s weapon (Paladin is the title given to the person who pilots each Lion mecha, and the real name of the Green Paladin is Katie “Pidge” Holt – The Green Paladin, the pilot of the Green Lion and Guardian Spirit of Forest). I have always thought that some emitters look like the mouths of animals (after all, the hole in an emitter is sometimes called a mouth) so I chose this emitter which has a definite “upper and lower jaw” look to it. I also added a decal of an eye on each side to  further strengthen the image. Of course this is to represent the Lion’s head and each Paladin has a saber in their own colour scheme. The rest of the saber’s design is purely functional but still has a mechanical and I feel classic anime like appearance (anime uses simple clean lines to help make animating the shows easier).

As I mentioned there are five individuals that make up the combined force of Voltron, you already know Katie “Pidge” Holt. Other Paladins include:

  • Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane – The Black Paladin, the pilot of the Black Lion and Guardian Spirit of Sky. He is the Leader of the Defenders of the Universe.
  • Keith – The Red Paladin, the pilot of the Red Lion and Guardian Spirit of Fire.
  • Lance – The Blue Paladin, the pilot of the Blue Lion and Guardian Spirit of Water.
  • Hunk – The Yellow Paladin, the pilot of the Yellow Lion and Guardian Spirit of Land.
  • And, Allura – The Pink Paladin.

So these guys and girls need sabers too so here is a second gallery to show each of their hilts…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Phew, That was a lot of sabers! Again, like the similar themed TV show “The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers” there have been numerous members of Voltron through the five seasons it has run. So I hope you and DK44 like these hilts, and thanks DK for the suggesttion.

This has been a long process and post, and I really am running short on time now, so I will have to finish but I have to say thank you for visiting and supporting me and the site. You keep me designing new hilts and believe it or not I have four more “tribute” hilts and a Superhero Vehicle hilt all coming up in future posts, so I hope you will return to see those. Till next time.

“Voltron, Legendary Defenders”, “Paladin”, “Lions of Voltron” and all related material are Trademarks/© Copyright of DreamWorks Studios. “Paladin Defender Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.


9 thoughts on “Paladin Defender Lightsaber – Inspired by Voltron Legendary Defenders”

  1. Duuuuude! Great job on these For Tyeth! The Voltron Force would be proud! Perfect choice on the emitter for these sabers. Nice touch going with the knurled metal grip section of the handle. The pommel you chose is my personal favorite from the ASP designs…it’s also the one I used on the DK44 ASP saber. And those eyes on the emitter! Fantastic idea, that’s the best part of your design in my opinion—fantastic job buddy!, thanks for putting in the time on these, I enjoyed checking them out!

    1. That is gratifying to hear! I tried to encompass the Mecha Lions by using the emitters and the knurled grip handles. The handles also are a nod to the old style of artwork used in early anime called “cross hatching”. I thought you might like the pommel somehow! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Very cool!! These look awesome 🙂 my hubby was a Voltron fan. Lol. Me..not so much. Too busy watching Thunder Cats & She-Ra

    1. Hello Button-Eyed Reader, yes I recall you mentioning the Thundercats way back when I posted hilts for Cheetara and Panthro (Lion-O didn’t need one 😀 ) I only recently learnt of Voltron from DK44. And if you search for “Blue Force Sabers” you may find some YouTube videos from a gentleman who makes working sabers from PVC tubing including He-Man, She-Ra and Voltron sounds! Thanks again for your kind words!

    1. Thanks TVTA, I’m so glad you liked them. You are the second person to point out the “Eyes” I am stoked that detail worked so well considering it was a small addition. I have just checked out your post and WOW that’s even cooler getting a response from the artists involved. I had a similar experience when I showed Sophie Aldred from Dr Who and Alan Harris (who played Bossk the bounty hunter in the Star Wars films) designs I made for them. Thanks again for the kind words and sharing your story!

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