A Public Announcement from FTSabersite

Hello Everybody, sadly I have some disappointing news. There has been some nasty suspect activity going on around WordPress based blogs (starting on April 2nd). It involves a “Spamming” attack from a third party server. It involves a person or persons leaving likes on bloggers’ comments but the web address that these supposed likes originate from are linked to websites providing inappropriate “adult”material. They have swarmed WordPress blogs around the net and they have “liked” comments blog authors leave on other member’s blog pages (and usually older comments posted 2-3 weeks past).

WordPress are aware of the situation and are working on a fix to stop the whole thing getting worse. We have also been advised to turn off the option to leave likes on comments made on our sites. It is unfortunate and when the “fix” has been established then maybe likes can be re-instated.

For Tyeth


8 thoughts on “A Public Announcement from FTSabersite”

    1. Hello TVTA, no problem. If you need more info on the situation there is a thread dedicated to “suspect likes” on the WP Forum. I’ve had over two dozen so far,

    1. Hello Darth, I hoped this would be helpful. You can find more authentic and official response at the WordPress Forum and there is a topic on the situation there (search for Like Spam on the forum)

  1. Also dodgy email subscribers . they have subscrided to my blogs yet never visited. The likes user names are quiet funny. The solution is approval of likes comments and subscribers. More work if its implemented. The spammers are annoying. Hackers are far worse.

    1. Yes I have experience with those dodgy email follows too. So far nothing detrimental just annoying. Hopefully WordPress can come up with a solution. I am regularly checking back on the WordPress Forum thread I mentioned to TVTA for updates.

    1. Hello Kiri, hopefully WordPress are getting to grips with the situation. If you haven’t already don’t forget to check the WP Forum and the thread about “Like Spam”. Let’s hope this spammer is a supporting character that WordPress can delete (sorry I just read your latest post!)

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