Ordained Saber – A design for Shameem

Hello Everybody, after the excitement of last week’s new delivery of my new saber, I felt I should post a design to help explain why I want to attempt an install of a lightsaber myself. Well in November 2015 I finally had the funds to buy my first (and so far only) custom saber as a combined birthday and Christmas present to myself. And as an owner of a saber I decided to join the forum of the company that built it and it was here where I discovered talented folks who built their own sabers and installed electronics etc. I was amazed and as part of my “training” I wanted to build my own too. One of the talented individuals I learnt about was a gentleman called (wait for it….) Shameem Moshrefzadeh, or as most saber fans know him Shameem! Shameem had installed many sabers including a fabulous saber based on the Aliens from the self titled movie franchise and he has built a few Qui-Gon Jinn replicas. I liked the Aliens hilt but obviously I was drawn to the Qui-Gons. Shameem posts videos of his creations and I have enjoyed watching them and was inspired. I also realised he had shared his talents to build all these sabers for other people…but no one had designed one for him so I did! So here is my hilt for Shameem, called Ordained…

Now it transpires that Shameem is a follower of the Baha’i Faith and he posted a series of videos to celebrate the Ayyam-i-Ha, a big religious holiday for followers of the faith that emphasises charity and giving to persons more in need than themselves. So I designed this saber and tried to incorporate aspects/elements that would hopefully have a relevance to Shameem and his faith. The first aspects are the rings of the grenade grip and the inserts between the forks of the emitter which I  “powder coated” in green, a colour I believe represents Predetermination and was the colour of the Bab’s turban. Predetermination can also mean Ordained and I believe Shameem was meant to be as successful as he is and so this is how I came up with the saber’s name. The second aspect is the number 9, which I have read is associated with perfection and is the numerical value of the word “Bahá’” This I incorporated by colouring nine rings of the grenade grip section of the hilt. The pommel also has a lit emitter used as a crystal chamber pommel with, of course, a green crystal. The emitter and pommel are meant to represent the beautiful houses of worship (actually the one I have seen is more a cathedral!) and an acknowledgement to the faith itself.

I came up with this design on March 3rd 2017 and tried a couple of times to contact Shameem and send him a copy of the pictures but I had communication problems (I don’t have Facebook or Twitter so the Imperials/Empire/First Order can’t track me ;D ) Since then Shameem has posted a saber video on his YouTube channel which is called “Remembrance” Custom Lightsaber – Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Birth of Baha’u’llah Baha’i Faith” This saber echoes my design in using aspects of the faith and embodying them in saber form. Obviously his saber is much nicer than mine and you can view his channel by clicking the link HERE where you will see his video playlist (including his Aliens and Qui-Gon sabers!)

I hope Shameem approves of this design and I want to thank him for the inspiration to make me want to try and install my Qui-Gon hilt. I also want to thank you, my viewers and followers once again for your support it is never taken for granted and means a lot to me. I am running out of time so I hope you will visit again for my upcoming posts. Till next time.

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    1. Hello Artistbybeauty, thank you so much for the kind words on my design. As I mention in the post this lightsaber was designed for a gentleman that is one of the biggest names in the hobby of building and collecting these Star Wars replicas, so I felt a little bit of pressure to do it justice. Hearing that you like it too is great news. Thanks so much for checking out my site and I will be sure to visit yours shortly!

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