There has been an arrival!..did you hear it?

Hello Everybody, just a sneak peek into my cave/workshop. I have received a package today did you hear it arrive? What’s in the box? Oooh it’s a Mystery! What could it be? Well this guy delivered it!…

F.T.) Aren’t you a little short to be a Postal Worker?  S.T.) Very funny Tyeth!

As you can see my little postal worker has brought me the first pieces of my build and if you want to know what’s in the box then I will have a few pictures to share with you in my next scheduled post (and hopefully the pics will be better quality – I only have a mobile phone camera 😦 but you should be able to make things out!)

My adventure and journey has begun…I hope you will stick around to see how I get on. Thank you for looking in today. Till next time.

p.s. And if anyone knows where I can get a second hand for my Stormtrooper friend I would be very grateful if you could let me know! I saved this trooper after he was discarded because he suffered an injury and lost one 😀

11 thoughts on “There has been an arrival!..did you hear it?”

  1. surely this is a set up? ok here goes any way – regards your storm trooper ” have you tried a second hand shop” —

    1. Hi Neo, no I am serious – if you look closely his right hand is missing! Mrs Tyeth saw him in a charity shop and brought him home for some care and attention. I might have to try contacting the manufacturer unless I can find one nearer to home. A second hand shop?….I love it! Thanks Neo

    1. Hello Experience Film, I think I have to save up a little bit more cash first (and planning – as when you see the pictures shortly, you’ll see it might not be such an easy build!) Thanks.

      1. Indeed, I am interested to see and find out more about what is involved. I imagine the parts are hard to come by (especially the kyber crystal 😉)

        I always wondered how Luke built his green one in RoTJ.

  2. Thanks Experience Film, and the scene of Luke Skywalker constructing his green saber is linked to a fan theory revolving around the Jedi whose hilt I am reconstructing (it may be where his green crystal comes from!)

  3. Hello EF, unfortunately I have been awaiting a part called the chassis and as it sounds it is a frame which fits inside the hilt to hold the internal electronics securely. There was one on the market but I had a report that one snapped in half during a build a friend I know was doing (they also own the same model hilt) A new design has been created by the man who makes the soundcard I hope to use, and it looks much sturdier. So just awaiting on that to come in then more saving credits!

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