Abietes Conum Lightsaber – Recast!

Hello Everybody, this post is a little early for a change but for good reason. Firstly as I have had a hectic time the past two weeks, I am going to have a weekend off and go and see the fantastic music band I saw last year as a treat. Second I found out one of my posts was missing! Kathleen at Graphic Novelty2 posted about an upcoming Harry Potter computer game and I was about to leave a comment and a link to my HP themed hilts and in particular one called Abietes Conum. Well to my surprise Abietes Conum had vanished! The youngling versions were still there but the main hilt had gone so I will recast it here. Here is Abietes Conum (again!)…

Now I will chat about the hilt, firstly as I mentioned in my original post, making metal parts look like wood is difficult. When I first posted this design Powder Coat/paint options weren’t available so I had to get creative. I thought about it and I realised that there are other parts to a tree and I noticed that the ridged parts on the body resembled an Abietes Conum…or for non Latin speakers a Fir Cone! So I created a fir cone based hilt/wand! The purple blade I thought looked a bit like a bolt of lightning or even better a Spell projecting from the emitter. The body is made of several connectors called couplers and have ridges/blocks that look like the segments of a fir cone that open to release it’s seeds. The switch and pommel I selected just help give the wand/saber a bulbous end to further enhance the look of a cone. The hilt is finished in a weathered coating to make it appear wooden (as much as possible) and covered in woodland grime!

The hilt also comes in a clean black version, a regular metallic saber and for the rich wizards there is a solid silver version so here is a little slideshow to display those too..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that was Abietes Conum Lightsaber recast, I hope you liked it! I never knew I was so magical as to be able to design a hilt that could actually vanish. And speaking of vanishing I am afraid I will have to bring this post to an end and disappear myself. I have to prepare for my journey to the concert (I can’t fly there in my Jedi Interceptor so have to use a train!). I won’t be able to reply to comments etc until I get back but don’t worry I will reply to any words left as soon as I get back to my workshop!

So thank you all for looking in on this design, your support is always appreciated. Hopefully I should have “new” designs in my upcoming posts so I hope you will return to see them. Till next time!

“Abietes Conum Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. “Harry Potter” was created by J.K. Rowling and is Trademark/©Copyright of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros Entertainment.

4 thoughts on “Abietes Conum Lightsaber – Recast!”

    1. Hi Nancy, thank you very much. It is an old design now as I say somehow WordPress had a glitch and substituted the content of the original Abietes post with the text and images from my Abietes Youngling post. Even stranger though is that the original comments are still displayed about the full sized hilt….Spooky! And congrats on your Guest Post you wrote recently, it was a great read!

    1. Hi Experience Film, thanks for the kind comments, though I can’t take credit for the lettering! There are websites that allow you to download TrueType fonts (lettering styles) and some of them represent film franchises and lettering from popular culture/sports etc. I can use these fonts in the photo editing software I use to create the header images/posters (even my banner at the top of my site pages!)
      The lightsaber was my design at least! Thanks again!

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