The Unique Blogger Award – I’m honoured!

Hello Everybody, today I have had to alter my planned post once again…but this time it is for an extra special reason! Yes, as the title of this post suggests I have been graciously awarded the “Unique Blogger Award”!

The two lovely ladies who nominated me for this accolade are Nancy and Kathleen, who are two librarians and co-authors of a fascinating blog on comic books and literature titled Graphic Novelty2. Their blog has become my “go to site” when I need to learn a bit more about the worlds and characters of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and other independent comic book publishing houses. And I have a lot to learn, I thought when I posted my Black Panther inspired hilt I was pretty up to date and clued up. Then Nancy posts an article about an alternate set of super anti-heroes called “The New 52” so I have a whole new line of characters to research now! You can find Nancy and Kathleen’s blog by clicking this link: Graphic Novelty2

So thank you to both Nancy and Kathleen for this award!

As part of the ritual to receive this award there are a few tasks I have to carry out which are displayed here:

The Rules (copy pasted)

1.Display Award

2.Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.

3.Answer questions they’ve written for you.

4.In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate other bloggers and ask them 3 questions.

I think I have covered rules one and two so here we go with question one!

N&K: Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?

FT: Sometimes, if the dream occurs near to when I wake up. But most of the time my dreams just consist of me travelling between different random settings. I could for example start out my dream in my flat, I then exit the front door but instead of being in the hallway I would be stood in the local park. I walk through the park gates but again instead of exiting onto the familiar road I should be stood in I end up in the cantina on Tatooine. Weird huh?

Ok, onto question two!

N&K: Do you listen to the radio? What kind of stations do you like? And what song makes you turn it off immediately?

FT: I used to be a cabaret style entertainer in clubs and bars so had to listen to quite a bit of music ranging from 50’s and 60’s rock all the way through to the current crop of pop, R&B, rap, techno, house. Sorta like beginning with House of the Rising Sun and Daydream Believer all the way through to being a “Belieber”! I am not a “Belieber” but I have met the band The Animals on my travels! So no I don’t think there is any music I would turn off, but maybe some I just wouldn’t give my full attention to.

Goodness me it’s question three!

N&K: Describe your best friend. Why are you friends with him/her?

FT: My best friend is a gentleman I met called Mr X, (not his real name of course, but he’ll know I mean him!) on one of the lightsaber themed forums I frequent. He shares a very similar sense of humour as me, enjoys the same types of shows and films and of course is a big fan of lightsabers and Star Wars. Due to the nature of his job (which I consider to be the most difficult job one could choose) my friend is not afraid to tell me things “straight” and so we can have disagreements or differences but we are still mates at the end of the day. And for this I’m very grateful!

Alrighty then, I believe I now have to ask three questions of my own for my nominees to answer, so it’s my turn to be the Question Master!

Q1) Along with a digital copy of your blog, what item would you put into a Time Capsule that would best help to describe you for future generations to find?

Q2) As I mentioned above I met the 60’s band The Animals, but I have also designed a lightsaber for a Time Lord’s Assistant, Sophie Aldred…so do you have any “Celebrity” claims to fame?

Q3) And if I may be a bit indulgent here, who is your favourite Jedi? (hint,hint!) Just kidding! No the question is, if you could be a character from TV or film who would you be and why?

Now my nominees are:

Princess of Paperback, Joyce from The Button Eyed Reader

This nice lady and book reviewer, has been a supporter of mine for a long time and has recently renamed her blog to be a bit more unique and stand out!

Evil Genius180 from EG180’s Hobby Den

Evil Genius or Chris, creates 3D model images of spaceships and combines them with real life space images to create some unique stunning artwork!


Dave K. Heath from Dave’s Corner of the Universe (DCotU)

Dave is a sci-fi and comic fan but every month he educates me with a great article featuring a “Things I’ve learned this month and when” list! And there’s some really unique facts!

Phew, I hope this acceptance post meets approval, I am out of practice typing these posts (last year I was fortunate enough to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award and was inducted into the Sistahood of Bloggers club….I guess that is unique!)

So thank you Nancy and Kathleen for showing some love and recognition for me and my blog, it is much appreciated. I thought last year was good but this has been an even better start to this year!

And to all my viewers and followers please be sure to check out Graphic Novelty2!

Thanks to everyone who supports me and this site, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be blogging and getting this nice award, so this is for you too. Till next time!

FTSabersite and all it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

2 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award – I’m honoured!”

  1. You were a cabaret style entertainer in clubs and bars? How cool!
    Awesome answers to the three questions, plus thank you for your kind words about our blog!

    1. Yes indeed, I am a self taught keyboard player and I was hired by a comedy duo to provide backing music. This job expanded and I ended up getting dragged on stage too to sing, dance..oh and dress up as Jim Carrey’s The Mask (full latex features!) And you are welcome, I always learn more about the world of graphic novels when I visit your blog and that helps me greatly!

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