Happy New Year from For Tyeth and FTSabersite + SOTY!

Hello again, and welcome to part two!

FTSabersite SOTY – Saber Of The Year Award 2!

Ok, I’m sorry but there was another contender for the title and I just couldn’t ignore this saber. It belongs to a young man named DK44 who not only designed an ASP hilt, but also bought and installed a GRAFLEX replica. Yes this gentleman has built his own piece of Star Wars history with the most iconic lightsaber. It came as a kit, basically a metal tube and a whole load of decorative pieces you have to attach. Then, you have to be good with electronics to be able to install the batteries, circuitry and bulbs etc to make it light up and buzz and hum. As this hilt was the first hilt DK44 had attempted, I was amazed. It looks awesome, as if it just fell off the stage at the movie studios! See for yourself..

So, to Dauntless7 please don’t be mad at me, I was soo conflicted I felt like Rey! You can see even more of DK44’s fantastic ‘Flex by clicking HERE.

My year continued with many more designs including sports themed hilts for NFL, NHL, NBA, MotoGP, English Premier League soccer teams. Then around March time, it was announced that Saberforge were going to offer customers the chance to have special “Powder Coated” hilts. The powder coats are like the paint you see on custom Hot-Rod cars, so if you wanted a saber with a metallic green handle…you can! This meant there was a whole new opportunity to make distinctive designs and colour schemes. I learnt how to add colours to the preview images I get from the ASP builder to make my gallery pics. My first “Powder Coat” hilt was a tribute saber to a Marvel Superhero…Wolverine!

This wasn’t my last design, I went on to create designs for The Guardians of the Galaxy, Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers, Aquaman and Black Panther to name a few. So popular were they, that a website that “harvests” other websites and takes images from them to use as wallpapers took some of my images! This prompted me to start putting watermarks and copyright logos on my pictures. The harvesting stopped…Hooray!

I kept on coming up with new designs but long story short, from now on you will only be able to see my new designs here on my site and they will be exclusive to FTSabersite!

And in closing…

We are approaching the end of the year and the end of this post, but we did have the fun and games of seeing The Last Jedi so I am at work designing some more Star Wars themed hilts and I still have designs for the HULK and The Flash I couldn’t fit into my posting schedule this year!

Wait a minute!! I nearly forgot to give a massive thank you to each and everyone of you, my readers, followers, supporters…no my friends would be a better description because that’s what you are. I hope you have a great New Year that treats you well. I will continue to design and post for as long as people keep coming to check them out. It’s been a pleasure getting to know and chat with you all….now go and celebrate the New Year! Till next Year!!


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