Remembering Carrie Fisher – Can it really be a year?

Hello Everybody, with all of the buzz and mixed opinions about The Last Jedi, it almost slipped my mind that today marks the first year of Carrie Fisher’s passing. Carrie was the same feisty, no-nonsense, shooting (Poe) from the hip Princess that we all remember in TLJ and have all grown to love over the years. I nearly forgot while watching her dress down Poe that TLJ will be her last film. I nearly forgot while all the commotion about the film was being broadcast online etc, I had nearly forgotten until I saw the date on my calendar and it struck me. So here is a link to the post and tribute farewell saber I uploaded last year on hearing of the sad news.

Forever Princess Lightsaber (A Farewell Gift)

Princess Hilt plate 2

As the title says can it really be a year? Sadly it is but thankfully Carrie’s performances are timeless and we will get to see them again. I will end this post here by once again saying thank you for the memories Miss Fisher, from that grateful fan, For Tyeth.


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