Aquarian Sea Saber – A Watery Weapon for Aquaman

Hello Everybody, I have one final quick post to bring you before I take a little break. I have been taking a bit more time to look around other blogs and I noticed that there is a film called Justice League (?) and it stars Jason Momoa as a Superhero from D.C. Comics called Aquaman. Well it seems from what I have read that Aquaman is a bit limited in his powers (the most significant is his telepathic ability to talk to water borne creatures!). Some fans even seem to make fun of him, and I saw an episode of Family Guy (IIRC) where they have a joke at his expense. Well I don’t think folks would make fun of him if he owned my latest design, so may I present it here to him and to you, this is Aquarian Sea Saber…

To start this saber is coated in a watery blue/green sheen and is wrapped with a kelp green leather grip. The green matches up with the gold found on Aquaman’s costume (shouldn’t that be his “wetsuit”?  😀 ) If you look closely you will see his golden logo on the emitter and some nice gold accent rings and pommel insert. The blade is also a watery colour to tie in with the theme. But the details don’t stop there, Oh no, look closely at the switch section and the diamond shaped pattern sorta resemble Jason Momoa’s famous tattoos!

Now I’m posting this at Christmas time as I felt Aquaman needed cheering up with a present and all the TV channels start putting on the big Superhero Blockbuster movies like “Justice League” and “Batman vs Superman” to entertain us all so it seemed a good time. And now a certain company is even getting in on the Super Hero bandwagon and have posted an image of their “Super Hero Inspired” series of coated hilts. HOWEVER, unlike my collection they forgot to include the likes of Green Lantern, Spiderman and Green Goblin, Psylocke, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Laura Kinney X-23, Catwoman…BLACK PANTHER!!….(Whew! did I miss any? Yes Guardians of the Galaxy!) but don’t worry you can see all my hilts here on FTSabersite, for original and best designs!

Ok I am getting near to the end of this post and I think I might post one last entry before having  a little break (I have posted 161 designs this past year!) But first I’d like to thank you, my visitors and followers for your amazing support I still have more designs to bring to you in the new year so please do call back.  Till next time.

“Aquaman” is a character created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger and appears in DC Comics. Aquaman is Trademark/© Copyright of D.C Comics Entertainment. “Aquarian Sea Saber” is an original “For Tyeth Edition” design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

22 thoughts on “Aquarian Sea Saber – A Watery Weapon for Aquaman”

  1. Love the colours! Can’t wait to watch the new star wars. I’m getting rogue one on Blu-ray for Xmas, still not seen it! :O

    1. Wha…?! You haven’t seen Rogue One? Hi Dec, thanks for the kind comments and I can tell you now, you will not be disappointed with Rogue One. Ok, we only see one lightsaber in the whole movie but there is so much more including Chirrut Imwe (who with K2-SO I thonk stole the show!)

      1. TVTA is correct in his assessment, but the moments of comedy are there and really well done (just enough to crack a smile but not side-splitting). You will see it a lot with K2-SO who for an animated character was awesome (well done Alan Tudyk for your performance man!).

      2. Love the look of k2 he reminds me of Spielberg’s the iron giant, who we will be seeing a cameo of in Ready player 1!! (Even though iron giant is not an 80s movie lol)

  2. Really only 1 lightsaber?! I suppose that gives you lots of opportunity to think some up then! 😀 thinking on it that’s really quite interesting actually, I guess the lightsaber is so symbolically entwined with the main series of movies that they didn’t want to have them in Rogue one as it’s more of a standalone. With all the other movies the lightsaber is on the posters and marketing front and center, and yet rogue one, there isn’t a single lightsaber anywhere! Very clever idea really don’t you think?

    1. Hi Dec, sorry late replying WordPress just added your comment (a day late may I say!). The main reason there aren’t many lightsabers in Rogue One is because after the Clone Wars and Order 66, Palpatine outlaws owning lightsabers and Kyber Crystals (knowing that by doing this he can seek out and destroy the Jedi and the only person left with a saber would be the person you’ll see using one in Rogue!) There was an opportunity for me to go wild and design a few Rogue One hilts and you can find them on this page, just click the link!

      There might be one you like there!

  3. Neat design and colours. Hope it cheers poor Aquaman up… do you remember The Man from Atlantis TV show in the 80s with Patrick Duffy? I imagine this character and Aquaman sharing a sad pint together at the bottom of the sea, ‘drowning’ their sorrows 🙂

    1. Hello TVTA, I do vaguely remember that show but I didn’t watch it very often, I have seen films like 20,000 Leagues though. Do you think the Man from Atlantis and Aquaman’s beer would have been “watered down”? 😀

    1. Thanks Experience Film, don’t worry I’ll only have a few days off. I will still be looking for inspiration for new designs. I hope you have a great time over Xmas!

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