Zyler’s Belated Birthday Saber (Sorry!!)

Hello Everybody, and in particular I would like to say Greetings Padawan Zyler! Zyler is the son of fellow blogger The Green Onion who I introduced to you in my last post. I heard Zyler was a Star Wars fan and does a great job helping his Dad write The Green Onion Blog.  Today I am happy to say I can present a saber to this young man which I designed for his recent birthday…unfortunately at the time this site got very busy and I couldn’t fit this post and design in. A new trailer for The Last Jedi was released and I had to chase down some pesky First Order Spies….Well today I put things right, and this my young friend, is the design I created for you. This saber has a few little features I’ll talk about later but first you’ve waited long enough, here is Zyler’s Birthday Saber…

There you have it my young friend, I hope you like it. Your saber, just like your Father’s before you has a G.O.B. Green blade which comes out from the black and silver ringed emitter, nice and shiny! Next there is the switch part which matches the emitter. The hand grip is the silver section in the middle of the hilt and it is quite clever, it is made from four pieces which screw together. I did this because I wasn’t sure how big a Jedi you were so you can add or take sections out of the handle so it is the right size! Then the bottom of the saber has one of my special saber bits, called the FTE, For Tyeth Emitter Pommel. This is actually an extra section that has another Green crystal in it which lights up and makes your saber stronger and more powerful! (Don’t worry Dad I have set it to low for now!) And on the end of this saber is a cool looking end cap to hold the crystal in place and make it look posh. Now you and your Dad are ready to go camping (on Endor perhaps?) with your new lightsabers!

I think you will agree these two make quite a formidable pair! I really wish I could have them built for you but I’m not very rich! So I would like to finish by saying I hope you enjoyed your birthday Zyler and didn’t mind my design being a bit late. Thank you to you and your Dad for the Green Onion Blog (don’t forget to check it out folks).

I am just about out of time and I will have to leave this party now but I’d also like to thank my followers and viewers for your continued support. And to say thanks to my more recent subscribers who have decided to join me on this journey. All your support is much appreciated. I still have many more designs to bring you so please call back for future posts. Till next time.

Zyler’s Birthday Saber is a For Tyeth Edition design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. This site and all it’s content is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. All Guest Designs are also ©  Copyright of their respective owners and used here with permission.

7 thoughts on “Zyler’s Belated Birthday Saber (Sorry!!)”

  1. Hey there,

    What a fine pair of sabers you have designed for Zyler, and his father. That Green color is sharp!

    Side note: I was hoping you might know where I could order a good Jedi or Luke Skywalker costume, for halloween?

    I want something authentic, or approaching authentic, but I’m probably not willing to part with more than $100 ( £76), unless the costume is amazing.


    1. Thank you so much for the compliments on my designs. I am particularly pleased how they turned out.
      Regarding a costume the best ones I have seen around that price mark are from an Etsy retailer called Far,Far Away Outfitters. They have a range of tiers and each tier has more pieces of the costume included. The great thing about this company though is you can choose your own colour scheme (from a range of colours). Here is a link to their page:

      There is also Jedi-Robe.com and Kenicky’s Costumes you could look up but their costumes are not quite as authentic looking. Here are their Etsy site links too:

      Jedi-Robe.com can be found at:

      Kenicky’s can be found at:

      Hope these help but I fear you may be short of time for delivery 😦
      And thanks again!

      1. Etsy looks amazing! I fear I am out of time too though. Bullocks 😦 If not for Halloween, I can wear it to The Last Jedi when I go see that in Dec., and/or next halloween.

        As a kid I dressed up a as storm trooper one year, and Darth Vader another. But now I wanna join the good guys.

        Thanks for the recommendations. I knew you’d be a good person to ask.

      2. You are most welcome. I am looking at getting a Jedi costume in the new year (as I may also be getting a new saber!). so I also need to look the part!
        I know a gentleman from the lightsaber forums who has vouched for the quality of the Far, Far Away Outfitters’ costume so I didn’t just base my recommendations on my opinion. Oh and welcome to the Light Side!

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