Outsider Saber – Inspired by Outlander on Starz Network

Hello Everybody, this saber is for a couple of people I have recently been introduced to, firstly to Jamie of Autumn Aquarius Adventures. Jamie produces a nice “Travelblog” where she documents her trips to some beautiful places (some off the tourist trail) on this planet. Jamie also attended a few Comic Cons that drew my attention and inspired me to create this themed hilt. She met some of the stars of the show Outlander at her most recent Con so please go and check out her Comic Con Post and blog!

The second pair are my friend from the forums, CrimsonJax88 and his wife. CJ88 messaged me to say he liked  my Dutch themed saber, Oranje Moed Lichtzwaard – Orange Courage Lightsaber, and as it turns out his wife is a big fan of the show. When they saw my recent teaser image they immediately guessed what was coming! So let’s begin….

In the historically based fantasy TV series Outlander, Claire Randall a former WW2 army medic gets sent back mystically through time to the year 1743 and placed right in the middle of Scotland’s Jacobite Uprising. She meets a Highland Warrior called Jamie Fraser and a relationship forms between them, however Claire is already married albeit 202 years in the future.

Thrown into the middle of the middle ages war, Claire uses her medical skills to get herself out of a predicament and ends up being “recruited” to be the local Clan’s Healer. Unfortunately such were the times during the war Claire’s skills were misconstrued as Witchcraft and she ends up in prison. Events unfold in the following episodes and we see Claire’s attempts to return to her own time and her husband, Frank. These adventures lead her (in later seasons of the show) to Paris and beyond and as with all time travel based stories the plot twists and turns many times. Will she make it back to present day 1945?…once again I don’t know (though I wouldn’t say anything and spoil things for you even if I did) so you’ll have to watch the series yourself! So may I now present..OUTSIDER

I tried to create a hilt that had a “Clan” feel and look to it but not quite as large and bulky as my Saberial Assassin Lightsaber hilt which also has that Celtic look. The clawed emitter projects an Amber coloured blade, which is a total stroke of luck (or maybe a result of my renowned Force Vision ability 😀 ). This is because the second book of Diana Gabaldon’s series of books on which the show is based, is called “Dragonfly in Amber”! I didn’t know this fact until I did some further research into Outlander for this write-up after I had designed it.

I did consider adding a tartan wrapping on the hand grip but I found that it didn’t look too great and verged on being tacky. So I settled for a nice green leather wrap instead. I will modify this hilt and show you the old weathered version in another post.

It is that time again, where I have to bring the post to an end (I really do wish somebody would create that working time machine!). But first as always I will say thank you to Jamie for bringing this TV show to my attention and for her entertaining blog. Secondly to my friends CJ88 and his wife for their support and encouragement, which brings me once more to you, my viewers and followers! Thanks again for checking out my site and please continue to call back to see what’s new. Till next time.

Header Image background courtesy of ccsa.cc

The Outlander story is based on the four book series by Diana Gabaldon.

Outlander is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Left Bank Pictures for the Starz Network. Outlander, Caire Randall and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Sony Picture Television, Left Bank Pictures and Starz Network.

3 thoughts on “Outsider Saber – Inspired by Outlander on Starz Network”

    1. Hello Jamie, you are most welcome, I really like the way you try to show the “real character” of the places you visit (and the people you meet. I shall be visiting your blog again in the future. So thank you!

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