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During the Comic-Con I attended recently I got to meet a lot of highly enthusiastic folks who got dressed up as their favourite fictional characters. There were a group dressed as the Ghostbusters, then there was the Dynamic Duo – Batman and Robin, Bane and The Patriot from Ironman and of course a whole troop of characters from Star Wars including my friend Takamatsu who appears at charity events as Bossk. However, some of the people at the convention WERE the characters! This included the real life Bossk, actor Alan Harris who appeared in appeared in Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace as a stand in for Terrance Stamp. I designed a saber which I called “Bossk’s Bounty” and had the opportunity to show Mr Harris my site and designs. I am pleased to say he appreciated my efforts and thought the saber was good. WOW!

But as regular visitors and followers know I don’t just design Star Wars hilts, I take inspiration from every corner. One other source of inspiration (and big Fandom) is Dr Who and when I discovered a real life Doctor’s companion would be attending, well I had to design a hilt for that person too. The companion in question was Ace played by the wonderful Sophie Aldred. Sophie was instantly recognisable and after a few moments to get over the surreal feeling I had from meeting somebody I had only seen on television, I approached her stall and introduced myself. Shaking like a leaf I explained that I had designed a lightsaber for her and the character Ace. I think Sophie was a little confused at first but I explained I had attempted to update the famous baseball bat Ace carried around with her to incorporate a lightsaber blade. I showed her how I tried to make the hilt look like the handle of the bat and then things clicked into place. Again I am pleased to report Sophie liked the design and I was able to get a photo with her and of course an autograph! (I got her autograph, not the other way round 😀 )

Here are a couple of pics, for the full post then please click HERE.

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9 thoughts on “Blogversary Celebration!”

  1. You sure have accomplished a lot in one year. It’s nice to look back on some highlights.

    SaberSite is an awesome concept. Especially Since, as you alluded to, you have many interests, but here you can share them through the lens of Star Wars, I.e., the lightsaber tributes you make for characters, sports teams, charity groups, etc!

    Cheers to Year 2.0!

    1. Hi Experience Film, thank you for the kind words! Your support (and from everyone else I couldn’t list) is what keeps me going. I am just so glad you all like what you see. Thanks again and see you in Year 2!

  2. Hey ya For,

    AWESOMENESS!! A huge congrats on the blogaversary. 😉 You certainly have done quite a lot in that span .

    Thanks so much for the nod. 🙂 And, I must say, nice job on this one as well. Very eloquent.

    1. Thank you Rapine, I have to thank you for the support and great feedback (including suggestions) you have given me over the months. You are a Gentleman and I hope you enjoy your new delivery!

    1. Hello Princess, thank you so much. Your support and friendship helped me get to this point and is very much appreciated (as a result I’ve even started reading more books!).

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