Blogversary Celebration!

Hello Everybody and thank you for joining me on this special day. Today FTSabersite celebrates it’s 1 year Blogversary. I cannot believe that I have reached this milestone. I will be honest, as I have said elsewhere I didn’t set any targets when I began. I just wanted a place where I could display my designs how I wanted to and try to inspire other folks to get into the Saber hobby and community. So having reached 4000 hits and over 1000 individual visitors in one year is mind-blowing to me but very much appreciated. It is even more surprising as I am unable to use social media like most people to publicise my site (I have to be careful not to get caught up in any Imperial Entanglements! 😀 ).

Anyway back to more positive subjects, today I am going to look back at the most popular/viewed post, a post where I got out and about to meet some great folks and a quick look back at a few of my favourite highlights.

  • Page 1) Most popular/viewed post
  • Page 2) For Tyeth out and about!
  • Page 3) The Highlights and Shout-Outs

There will also be some shout-outs to folks who have helped me along the way, behind the scenes and as contributors. It’s going to be busy but please stick with me!

The most popular/viewed post

I had the pleasure of meeting some great people at a Comic-Con that I was able to travel to. Imagine my surprise when while at this convention I bumped into a member of the charity fund raising Cosplay group and it turned out to be someone I knew from a forum I am a member of! Well we had a funny moment where we “introduced” ourselves officially and shared a few photo opportunities. I will speak more about this encounter later in my next setion but the Cosplay Group impressed me so much I decided to design a hilt for them based on their antics and fabulous charity work. The group are called the Sentinel Squad UK and this is the saber:

I was honoured by the group as the founder of the Squad posted my design in the members area of the Squad’s Facebook page for everyone to see and a lot of the members visited FTSabersite to view the full gallery. So many Squad members visited I was worried my hit counter would break under the volume of traffic!

The Sentinel Squad UK are a terrific group of people and please take a few moments to check out their sites and give them a bit of well deserved support. I have included links in the original post found here, and in the sidebar>

Ok folks that concludes part one, please click the button below to go to Page 2) For Tyeth Out and About (where I get to meet some Celebs!)

9 thoughts on “Blogversary Celebration!”

  1. You sure have accomplished a lot in one year. It’s nice to look back on some highlights.

    SaberSite is an awesome concept. Especially Since, as you alluded to, you have many interests, but here you can share them through the lens of Star Wars, I.e., the lightsaber tributes you make for characters, sports teams, charity groups, etc!

    Cheers to Year 2.0!

    1. Hi Experience Film, thank you for the kind words! Your support (and from everyone else I couldn’t list) is what keeps me going. I am just so glad you all like what you see. Thanks again and see you in Year 2!

  2. Hey ya For,

    AWESOMENESS!! A huge congrats on the blogaversary. 😉 You certainly have done quite a lot in that span .

    Thanks so much for the nod. 🙂 And, I must say, nice job on this one as well. Very eloquent.

    1. Thank you Rapine, I have to thank you for the support and great feedback (including suggestions) you have given me over the months. You are a Gentleman and I hope you enjoy your new delivery!

    1. Hello Princess, thank you so much. Your support and friendship helped me get to this point and is very much appreciated (as a result I’ve even started reading more books!).

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