Wildcat Lightsaber – Kentucky’s ferocious felines

Hello Everybody, I have a saber I promised to design for a friend of mine jonnys95s10, who is a fan of college basketball and in particular the University of Kentucky Wildcats! Now having researched the team it’s not surprising they have a big following of fans. The team boasts the best overall win/loss record in NCAA history, winning 76% of their games (.765 for my American statistician fans!). One of the guys responsible for such performance is Coach Cal, John Calipari. He is the latest coach of the team which began way, way back in 1903 so having a .765 rating over that length of time is phenomenal and deserves a Lightsaber, and here it is, this is Wildcat Lightsaber….

I hope jonnys95s10 approves of this design, I think it captures the essence of the team! The hilt is clad in the Kentucky Blue and White of the Wildcats’ franchise colours.ncaa-kentucky-wildcats-0-de'aaron-fox-royal-college-jersey It even looks as if it is wearing a team jersey with the checkered design on the grenade grip section, just like the pattern found down the sides of the team vests. The saber has a powerful look to match the percentage record and the emitter has two white accent rings, representing the hoops at either end of Rupp Arena. These hoops get used quite a lot with the amount of points the team scores (not to mention the monster dunks!) And to finish the hilt off there is a golden amber blade which projects from the fang-like emitter to reinforce the image of the team’s mascot Wildcat.

I am approaching the end of the fourth quarter and will soon have to bring this post to an end. Hopefully this saber will count as another win for the Wildcats. I am still working on new designs (though I am having difficulty with SketchUp, but I will sort that out soon) and I hope you will return to see those and more from my friends in upcoming posts. Thank you so much for looking in on today’s post and for supporting me and FTSabersite, it is greatly appreciated. Till next time.

“UK Wildcats” and all names, logos and materials are Trademark/©Copyright of the University of Kentucky (Men’s Basketball Team). The Wildcats play in the NCAA College Championships.


2 thoughts on “Wildcat Lightsaber – Kentucky’s ferocious felines”

  1. For Tyeth,

    I think you did a amazing job again at putting some research in and delivering a theme design that really fits. Great job on this one!

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