Flotilla Lightsaber – Tribute to the United States Naval Academy

Hello Everybody, I have found another “old” design to show you today, or rather I have rebuilt an old one. This saber I designed for a friend by the name of SamRoss04 who asked if a tribute saber could be created for the armed forces Memorial Day. In particular he asked for a saber that acknowledged the United States Naval Academy or NAVY. I took up the request and as I always do, did a bit of research to find facts and aspects I could try to incorporate into the hilt. It wasn’t difficult….as soon as I saw the academy’s crest I knew exactly how to proceed! So I will now present my tribute to the Navy Academy….this is….Flotilla….

This is Flotilla and if any of you have seen the crest of the Naval Academy you may recognise where I took this idea from. If you haven’t seen it (it’s in the title image above) here is a close up image of it.

When I saw the standard torches I thought Lightsabers.

I immediately focused in on the two standard Torches either side of the central shield and thought “they look like lightsabers!” so I made my design to resemble them. The saber has an Amber blade to replicate the licks of flame. I used two parts, the switch and body sections, that had diamond cut knurling to replicate the cross bands that circle the torches’ handles. The emitters and pommels give the decorative antique look to the hilt that gives it an air of history, even though this is very much a modern weapon! I hope this is befitting for the Academy, which is the second oldest of the five branches of the military. Just a few facts, the academy is situated in Annapolis, 33 miles south of Baltimore, Maryland and was established on 10th Oct 1845. After being nominated the would be recruits train for four years before obtaining their commissioned status to go on and serve in either the Navy or as a Marine Corps officer. And the Academy motto reads “Through Knowledge Sea Power”.

Well, I wish I had four years to type out these posts but sadly I don’t and time is up! I will have to end here but as always I’d like to thank all the folks who have looked in and supported me and the site. I am working to come up with new concepts and themes so please do call back to see those (and some from my friends) in upcoming offerings. Till next time.

The United States Naval Academy (U.S.N.A.) is part of the US Military/Defense Dept. All insignia and related names and material are properties of the United States Govt. Military/Defense Dept.

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