Attitude Lightsaber 2 – A new purpose for an old idea

Hello Everybody, I have a saber today that I considered for my Attitude Lightsaber (A saber for a fallen Council Member-?). Once again this design didn’t quite fit with the theme I was aiming for, it had to replace Mace Windu’s lost lightsaber in case the Jedi Master did survive his fall from the Emperor’s office window. I still thought this saber would prove useful so kept the details. Fast forward to last night and I was scrolling through the list of recommended posts WordPress collected based on my interests and I came across a post by a blogger who had two young sons and were fans of Star Wars. They had visited Hollywood where the younglings got the chance to build their own sabers from the toy parts you can get. They were excited, fuelled by the experience of meeting Chewie and all, and as soon as they got home…started wreaking havoc with their own Lightsaber battle. Now the mother, totally defenceless was caught in the melee (I can’t describe it as crossfire can I!) and needed a saber, so I remembered this design and am posting it here in case she wants it! This is Attitude 2….

Now this saber as you can see is sleek and uncluttered, so wouldn’t suit Mace’s flashy style…however it should suit Shiri’s purposes quite well. Shiri is the lady in question and writes a blog titled, Writing Is Communication and in her post about the lightsaber adventures of her younglings (Click here to read) stated “I would choose a purple saber”. Well the colour depends on your character/temperament and how you meditate on the crystal that forms the blade, but in this case I had a purple hilt spare! The saber is also in a child resistant black and silver design which is very easy to clean (I hear younglings are very messy sometimes) yet it’s still more elegant than a Blaster! I think this hilt would even the odds.

I have just been introduced to Writing Is Communication and Shiri, so will be returning to read a few more posts and introduce myself (I wouldn’t want her to think I was some crazy human pretending to be a Jedi Master Lightsaber designer, now would I?  😀 ) I hope you my regular viewers and followers, as well as Shiri enjoyed this little design. I am putting the finishing touches to the two hilts I mentioned in my previous post, so I hope you can join me for those, thanks for visiting today. Till next time.

“Attitude 2” is a For Tyeth Edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth. This site and it’s contents, designs and material are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

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