Swift Lightsaber – A Quick Sith Design

Hello Everybody, I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Steelers inspired saber, I am still not sure which version I prefer but that’s ok. I have another new hilt which came about while I was building Borderline (RED) Lightsaber and Borderline Lightsaber. I was asked to produce a hilt that looked both Jedi and Sith like by a YouTube Creator and this design was one of the first configurations I considered. It wasn’t quite right, however I felt that it had a little something about it and made a note of the parts used so I could return to it later. (I am getting to be quite good at recycling nowadays! 😀 )The hilt was too Sith looking, even with the silver and black finish but when I went with all black parts it popped! So here is my latest (and possibly quickest) design, this is Swift…

For a design that came together in less than 10 minutes, I’m pretty pleased. I do have an advantage, having built and rejected so many sabers using this software I now have a good idea of the parts that blend together best. I did use an old technique I like of putting the switch near the FTE pommel, which allows the user to have a great grip with their dominant hand while the lower hand can grip the pommel and operate the switches via their thumb without interfering with the main hand. The rest of the hilt is suitably Sith.

So that was Swift Lightsaber, and a funny thing has happened since the YouTuber asked me to create the design for him. He had taken down the video I commented on but has since reposted two similar versions of the original video (?). I don’t know what’s going on there, but I can tell you I am working on a couple of hilts which need Powder Coating colours applied, so I will do my best to get those ready. One is for an NBA team I have mistakenly neglected (they are in the finals playing a team I have already created a hilt for) and a second hilt for a fan favourite character from Empire Strikes Back. There has been an outcry for this person to return in The Last Jedi. He will be appearing here on FTSabersite shortly!

I am “Swiftly” running out of time so I need to say my “thank you”‘s! Thanks to all my regular viewers and followers for the continuous support you give me. And to the “new” visitors I have sensed hailing from Brazil and Australia welcome and please call back again to see what those new designs are! Till next time.

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