Sand Worm Saber – Inspired by Arrakis’ Annelids

Hello Everybody, I hope you enjoyed the contribution from my latest Guest Designer, Roger Redux. I am sure he will produce more great hilts and I will hopefully be displaying them here too. Today we take the perilous journey to the desert sands of Arrakis, the planet nicknamed Dune once more. In the classic Frank Herbert saga these deserts are the mining locations for the most valued commodity in the Galaxy, a substance called Melange. This substance is commonly known as “Spice” and is a powerful drug that enables certain species that ingest it to warp and bend space. This makes the distances between planets insignificant and transport between planets is almost instantaneous. Having this ability would give you an advantage should you wish to rule the Galaxy. However getting the Spice is difficult due to the creatures that live around the mining sites…the giant Sand Worms of Arrakis, and they inspired this hilt. This is Sand Worm Saber…

This is Sand Worm and I think it represents the creature well. The worms have large mouths which open and close almost like the bulbs of Crocus flowers, so I used the emitter with the scalloped edges. The switch section is ringed just like the Annelids (collective scientific name for worms!) and looks a little like the “saddle”section of a worm. The saddle section is clever in that if the worm was injured below the saddle, say it’s tail was bitten off by a predator, then a new tail would regrow from the saddle stump! However based on the size of Arrakis’ Sand Worms I don’t think they have many predators! They are so large that Paul Atreides “tamed” several of these worms to carry and transport his Fremen Army.

As you can see from the above picture on the left, Sand Worms are HUGE. If you look closely there are two dots on it’s head, those are Paul Atreides and his general! The second picture is of course a Sarlacc. I posted this as I wonder if the two creatures are related in some way, especially when you look at the appendage in the middle of it’s mouth that extends out, just like a baby Sand Worm. Back to the saber, and I used the body section that had the parallel lines and a pommel which “tails off” to finish the look of a worm. And if you feed this saber it will grow…here take a look!….

Well on that little joke I am afraid I will have to end. I am drawing close to the finish of this post but just like a worm that loses it’s tail and grows a new one, I will be back with another post. First though I’d like to repeat my thanks to all of my viewers and followers, your support is much appreciated. I hope you can join me again for more new designs very soon. Till next time.

Dune, Arrakis and all names, images and related material is Trademark/©Copyright of the Dino DeLaurentis Company (Dino DeLaurentis). Dune was written by Frank Herbert.

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