Borderline Lightsaber – On the Brink of Turning

Hello Everybody, Today I have a strange design to share with you. Or rather a strange story behind the saber’s design. I mentioned recently I had been “Networking” around the Internet to promote this site. While looking through YouTube videos I discovered one showing the Saberforge ASP Builder and a demonstration of how the channel’s owner created his design. I posted a comment and offered some advice when the YouTuber asked would I design a hilt for him! Now I wasn’t sure how long he was going to be online for (sometimes you can post a comment and the other person logs off just as you send it and they don’t realise you have messaged them!) so I got some details of what he was looking for. He said a “standard” saber that looked a bit like a Jedi AND Sith hilt! Well that was a challenge and I set to work. This is the result, or at least one half of the result this design I call Borderline…

I wasn’t sure how long the YouTuber was going to stay online for so I had to be quick coming up with this hilt. But I surprised even myself, I created this hilt in around 30mins! It admittedly doesn’t have a Powder Coating so that cut the time down, but I did form ideas and reasoning for my choice of parts. The emitter is very Sith like, much more aggressive than most Jedi would display. The switch provides that essential choke point for the user to grip when spinning the hilt but is also in what is called “Standard Dual Tone” finish, aluminium with black accents. The hilt body also comes as standard, however it is still close to being Sith style. The pommel has potential to be Sith or Jedi, depending on your point of view! I didn’t put any weathered parts on the hilt so that it looked fairly new but with the claws and pommel maybe it was slightly older than it appears. This ambiguity led to the name I chose for the design.

Once finished I got the ASP Builder to create a webpage code. This code, when pasted into your Internet browser’s address bar, links you to the builder and it displays the hilt you have created. I replied to the YouTuber and included the code so he could look at the design. He came back a few minutes later and seemed to be pleased with the results. Now the strange part of the story, I went back to his channel today to see if anyone else had commented on his video or my design but the video was missing!

Well I’m afraid I am about to go missing as I have to end this post! I hope you all enjoyed this “Tale of the Unexpected” and will return to check out my next Dune inspired hilts and the new designs I am working on. Thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite, I am very grateful. Till next time.

“Borderline(Blue) Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition. All designs and content of this site is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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