Impossible Lightsaber – Clara Oswald’s Companion

Hello Everybody, before I start this post I will just say it may get confusing, as I will be talking about the future, past and present all at the same time! This saber is for a very special young lady who became the companion of the 11th Doctor in BBC TV”s Doctor Who. The young lady is Clara “Oswin” Oswald, and she first appeared in the episode “Asylum of the Daleks”, where she was the sole survivor of the ship Alaska which crashed onto a prison colony for insane Daleks. However the Doctor discovers that she has been turned into a Dalek and is living in her own little reality to maintain her sanity. Later in the season Clara re-appears as a Victorian barmaid and Governess. The Doctor seems to recognise her but only learns of her true identity when he sees her tombstone and the name Clara Oswald inscribed on it. Clara later appears a THIRD time in present day London England. But that is IMPOSSIBLE! Which segways nicely to my design, Clara was nicknamed the “Impossible Girl” so my design is called, Impossible…

This saber has a few elements inspired by the “Impossible Girl”, the first being the blade. As you can see it  is pink and in later adventures Clara develops romantic feelings for a fellow school teacher called Danny Pink. The blade projects from an emitter which has three windows representing the first three incarnations of Clara we get to see and her trilogy…Past, Present and Future. It transpires that Clara is just an ordinary human, but in one adventure has to save the Doctor by sacrificing herself by throwing herself into a “Time Vortex”. As a result multiple versions of Clara appear throughout the Doctor’s history…explaining why she has existed in so many realities and timelines. The saber is dressed in a beautiful powder coat colour that resembles one of Clara’s now iconic outfits.

I think the colour matches quite nicely! (source BBC TV)

Clara has a few more adventures but eventually faces a fate she cannot escape, or so it seems. In a final attempt to save her, the Doctor uses Time Lord technology to extract her from the last moments of her life so the two of them can “run away in limbo” and cheat death. Things don’t work out so the Doctor attempts to wipe Clara’s memories of him and allow her to die “normally”. In one final(?) twist Clara tampers with the device so it wipes the Doctor’s memories of her! Stealing another TARDIS, Clara and her own companion disappear into Time and Space.

I said it was a complicated story and this version is edited! Sadly as Clara came to the end of her time, so too have I and I will have to end this post. I have enjoyed meeting up with my friend Clara again and I hope you liked the design. I will return with more new designs and I invite you to call back and see what I have coming up. Oh, here’s a final picture from when I met Clara…see she knows who I am!


That’s it for now, Till next time.

Clara “Oswin” Oswald, Doctor Who, TARDIS and all other related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC TV.

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