UT-60D Lightsaber – Inspired by the U-Wing Transport

Hello Everybody, today I return to the Star Wars Universe and the time around the events of Rogue One. I promised I would come up with some more R1 inspired hilts and this one is based on the troop transporter Cassian Andor and K-2SO pilot to take Jyn to Jedha. That transport ship is the swing-wing (or Variable Geometry spacecraft to be technically correct) called the UT-60D U-Wing. The U-Wing was designed and built by Incom Corporation, the same company that builds the galaxy famous X-Wing (I think you might have guessed that, Incom like naming their ships after letters of the alphabet which is a bit of a clue!). Well it is time to present my design, this is UT-60D Lightsaber…

Yes, the observant viewers will recognise this design from an earlier hilt I posted called Andorian Lightsaber (A Rogue Captain’s Weapon). However when I created the design I hadn’t learnt how to add the powder coat colours to replicate the Factory Finish found on U-Wings. Plus Cassian’s ship, Bravo One was rather scruffy looking so I made it using weathered parts. This version has nice clean blue powder coat accents around the lip of the forked emitter, similar to the trim found on the swing wings. The switch section also gets a coat of blue to create the look of the cockpit section. The pommel is meant to represent one of the four engine nacelles. As I mentioned in the Andorian Lightsaber post, the emitter has windows which look like the sliding doors of the U-Wing troop compartment…but it also looks a little like a certain earth based vehicle with a similar name…the Sikorsky UH-60 BlackHawk helicopter troop transport/gunship! Is it me or does that description of the helicopter sound familiar? The BlackHawk seems to do the same job as a U-Wing!

UH-60 Helicopter
The Sikorsky UH-60 BlackHawk with sliding door!
A UT-60D U-Wing for comparison

The U-Wing is a workhorse transport utility spaceship and I hope I have created a Lightsaber design that is equally rugged, dependable and liked by it’s owners and by you my viewers!

The time has come for me to end this post (I just never have enough time!) but I’d like to thank you all for visiting and supporting this site. I have even had visitors from as far away as Chile and Malaysia so thanks, I did see you! I have to create some more hilts so I’ll end here but please call back to see what comes off my workbench in upcoming posts! Till next time.

Rogue One, U-Wing, Cassian Andor and all names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd. UH-60 BlackHawk is built and designed by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation/Lockheed Martin and is Trademrked and ©Copyright of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

3 thoughts on “UT-60D Lightsaber – Inspired by the U-Wing Transport”

  1. I can see the design similarities between the U-wing and X-wing, particularly the quad thruster configuration. I love everything about this saber, the tribute to Cassian and his ship, the material and the blue blade and blue trim with slight yellow. Blue and yellow are my favorite colors. Take my money!

    1. Thanks Experience Film! So glad you liked this hilt, and you mentioned the X-Wing fighter…well if you click the Search Icon on the menu bar above and look for the titles, “Dameron” and “Incomming” you will find some X-Wing themed hilts too. I might even be able to persuade you to part with some more “Virtual Republic Credits”! Thanks again!

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