NCC 1701-L Lightsaber – A Highly Engineered Saber

Hello Everybody,

“Space….the final frontier… These are the voyages of the Starship…Enterprise” The famous words that launched the five year mission to discover strange new worlds and new civilisations. It was back in 1965 that Star Trek was produced but the original Pilot Episode, “The Cage” wasn’t seen in it’s entirety until 1988. And the crew of the legendary Enterprise was slightly different from that which most people would remember. The Enterprise was captained by Captain Christopher Pike, Mr Spock wasn’t the First Officer/Science Officer (that was actually an actress named Majel Barrett who later became the voice of the ship’s computer on the various Enterprise versions!) and there was no sign of Captain Kirk! One thing that didn’t change too much was of course the ship itself and as a youngling I had a replica die-cast model which fired Photon Torpedoes, so I decided to design a hilt in tribute to the fantastic Enterprise, this is NCC 1701-L…

As you can see I tried to design this saber to represent a certain part of the Enterprise! Hopefully it is recognisable as one of the Enterprise’s engine nacelles. In the show Enterprise didn’t have exhaust plumes but I took a little artistic license to use the blade as such so I could make the pommel represent the rotating domes found on the front of the engines. The switch has two powder coated black ridges to look like the ridges found near the exhaust ports. When the electronics are installed the saber would have an illuminated activation switch, perfect to represent the Navigation/Running Lights! The body section has two grooves which I again powder coated in red. As mentioned the FTE Pommel stands in for the rotating and lit domes found at the front of the engine pods (these were added part way through the series as were lights in the windows of the ship.)

Can you spot the saber?

This fabulous ship was designed by Matt Jefferies and in the show was lovingly cared for and patched up by the late great James “Scotty” Doohan – “She canna take no more Cap’n…She’s lit up like a Christmas Tree already!” Hopefully Mr Scott and Mr Jefferies would approve my saber and light it up now and again!

Original Crew
“Scotty”, Mr Spock, Captain Kirk, Dr “Bones” McCoy, Lt Uhura and Pavel Chekov (source

I am approaching my own final frontier, the end of this post! But first I would like to thank you all for looking in today on my latest design, I hope you enjoyed it. Your support for me and FTSabersite is much appreciated. I now need to continue my mission to create some more designs but please call back to see what I come up with. Till next time.

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