Cobra Command Lightsaber – Cobra’s Kyber Weapon

Hello Everybody, I feel I should post a design for the boss of the evil organisation known as Cobra, the enemy of the G.I.Joes. He is known as Cobra Commander, but very little else is known about him. I tried sending some of my data droids to get some info but all of it is classified! He does wear a mirror like face mask along with his helmet and uniform, and in the movies he appears to have some sort of breathing apparatus under that façade. He and his right hand man, second in command Destro, control Cobra with an iron grip in an attempt to gain world domination. So that’s a little about the man in charge and here is my design for his new Lightsaber… Cobra Command….

This is Cobra Command, I think it looks sinister enough to be owned by a megalomaniac! The saber has a Sith red blade which projects from an emitter that shares a similar shape to Cobra Commander’s helmet. The switch is functional and has a matching groove to that of the emitter part. The grip of the body is the same Cobalt Blue as the early uniforms that the officers of Cobra wore (including C.C. himself) from the comic books I remember reading in the 1980’s. The pommel is another emitter with a forked shroud, which just looks so much like the fangs of a Cobra (and other creatures!) I plugged the pommel with a blade plug to add that bit of “bling” most power hungry people like to show off.


I think Cobra Commander will calm down soon and will hopefully like his new saber and take my comment as a compliment! I hope you too enjoyed this hilt. I am always working on new designs, and I have a new Star Trek hilt coming up soon. This one belongs to the Engineering department for sure.

I am nearing the time I have to end but I’d like to say hello and  thanks to all of you who have visited recently, including the viewers from Finland and Australia! I look forward to you calling in again to see my next designs. Thanks to all for the continued support…Till next time.

G.I. Joe was created by Hasbro Toys. and is Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys. The G.I. Joe movies are Trademark/©Copyright of Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Hasbro Toys.

2 thoughts on “Cobra Command Lightsaber – Cobra’s Kyber Weapon”

    1. Hello TVTA, thank you, I try to tie in the look of a hilt as closely as possible to each character I design for. The Cobra Commander scheme had strong colours as the G.I. Joe designers/artists did a great job in the first place. Thanks again for checking this hilt out (amongst many!)

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