For Tyeth’s a YouTuber! – Here’s a peek at the video

Hello Everybody, I am slightly nervous today as I launch my little slide show into the wild regions of space! I’m hoping it will attract a few more visitors to this site. You wouldn’t believe how I made this video! The first thing I did was get a selection of images from the site and created some background images then went to my presentation software. Yes, I used a free office suite application to create a Powerpoint style slide show, then saved each slide as a new image. Onto YouTube and the Movie Video Editor and I cut and pasted the pictures so they appeared with the specially chosen bit of music. All this on a 10 year old laptop!

It’s not the flashiest video, it’s not gonna get an Oscar (but then again neither did TFA  😦 ) but here it is, in case you haven’t seen it…

There you have it! It sort of works considering the limited resources I have to work with. I do have to thank daftPirate (aka Borommakot) for his help previewing the video before I published it. You really are a Pirate and a Gentleman, thank you! You can check out his YouTube channel by clicking HERE, he has great video gaming and Lightsaber unboxing videos!

This is a shorter than usual post today, I’m getting ready in case I have to do a Press Juncket or Photoshoot for my video 😀 ! No, I’m really ending here so I can work on more new designs for you all. I hope you (and some new folks) will return to see those! Thanks for the support…Till next time.

FTSabersite and it’s contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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